The Honeymoon Period

*giggles like a schoolgirl again*
Hello hello. 😉
Friday’s conversation with a friend went something like this:
Friend: So, are the both of you lovey-dovey? at that “you hang up first la …… no, you hang up first!” conversations, and mushy disgusting “i love youuuuu” stage?
Me: No! Ahahaha …… that’s a bit too soon, right?
Friend: I don’t know! Sometimes it just comes naturally?
Me: Hmmm …. Nope, I’m not at that stage yet.
Anyway, everyone says that this is the honeymoon period of the relationship where everything is warm and fuzzy, rainbows despite the rain, sugar and spice and everything nice. ;P Nobody says that it lasts forever!

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The Portrait

My mum bought the above portrait from one Bangladeshi salesman. This portrait is pretty common in Kuala Lumpur as many Bangladeshi men are seen selling them around the streets.

It was around 9PM, Mum and I were at our usual restaurant at United Garden.

Immediately after giving him RM15, the Bangladeshi man said, “5 months ago, at the restaurant, same table, you bought one from me. Few months before that, you bought another one from me too”.

“Do you remember me?”, he said.
“Yes, you’ve gone fatter!”, replied Mum.

The Bangladeshi man then said, “Oh, I’ve gone fitter?? Thank you!”.

The Bangladeshi man then continued, “Today, I’ve only sold 2. My friends and I are so tired”.

Almost tearing, he said, “Abundance of thanks”
“It’s Okay”, Mum replied.
“May you live long..thank you”.

I felt so amused with his level of gratitude. It’s amazing how RM15 could cause such reaction.

The short drama told me of an untold story of immigrants. They had to leave their homeland to make a living and yet our society has been branding them as a menace and shunning them away.

Many decades ago, our grandfathers left their homeland to Malaysia to make a living. They too were subjected to all sorts of abuse when they first came to this foreign land. When I see all these immigrants, I can’t help to think that of grandfathers used to be like… them.

Illegal or not, they are here to make a living.

Friday Humour: Milking Machine

A farmer ordered a high-tech milking machine. Since the equipment arrived when his wife was out of town, he decided to test it on himself first.
So, he inserted his “manhood” into the equipment, turned on the switch and everthing else was automatic.
Soon, he realized that the equipment provided him with much pleasure.
When the fun was over, though, he quickly realized that he couldn’t remove the instrument from his ‘member’.
He read the manual but didn’t find any useful information on how to disengage himself. He tried every button on the instrument, but still without success.
Finally, he decided to call the supplier’s Customer Service Hot Line with his cell phone (Thanks to his cell phones!)
“Hello, I just bought a milking machine from your company. It works fantastic, but how do I remove it from the cow’s udder?”
“Don’t worry,” replied the customer service rep, “The machine will release automatically once it’s collected two gallons.”
Haha! I know some of you must have read this somewhere. But yay, TGIF and have a good weekend!

zomg! on newspaper!

For the first time, was featured on the Star Newspaper!

Blog enthusiasts collect clues in a race to win Malaysian Grand Prix party invitations.


IT’S amazing what some people would do to get special invites to a Malaysian Grand Prix party.

Avid bloggers and blog-readers hunted high and low in a race that began in the physical world, which then moved on to cyberspace, before they ended up racing to a physical finish line.

The event, dubbed “Spot The Raving Blogger” began on March 1 and will culminate at one of Kuala Lumpur’s most prominent landmarks, the KL Tower.

Nigel Low, 31 (second from right) was one of the first participants to show up at the ‘Spot the Raving Blogger’ race, which had contestants hunting clues that would lead them to a final meeting point. Low won himself passes to the official Malaysian Grand Prix party at the KL Tower.

On the first day of the race, participants were given a clue in The Star that identified a local blogger. On that individual’s blog, more clues were posted which directed the participants to other blogs, over the course of 10 days.

The last clue, which read, “A coffee house in the new wing of 1-Utama” led the participants to a final location – Starbucks Coffee at 1-Utama Shopping Complex where the five bloggers were waiting to be identified at 1.45pm.

Race participants reached the location panting, after they had run all around the shopping complex in search of the right outlet. The first 50 participants to arrive each won passes to the Speedzone Tour 2007, the official Malaysian Grand Prix party.

“I think this event is a fun way to give out passes, instead of the usual slogan-writing contests,” one of the featured bloggers, Suanie (, said. “The clues are a new and interesting way to get people to join in.”

The five bloggers were selected based on the popularity of their blogs as well as their blog themes.

Suanie, who has been blogging for several years, usually writes on music, lifestyle and clubbing – which made her an ideal candidate for the contest.

The others who were involved were food blogger KY, 29 (; lawyer Xes, 26 (; accountant Fireangel, 27 (; and karate practitioner Gareth, better known as Shaolin Tiger, 28 (

One of the race participants, Nigel Low, followed the clues all the way and was thrilled to win the free passes.

“I’m also glad I’m finally getting to know the bloggers in person,” the 31-year-old human resource manager said. “This contest is a very interesting and new way of doing things.”

Low is one of the many people who will be partying at the KL Tower terrace event, on April 7, which will feature local DJ extraordinaire Joey G alongside international DJs such as D-formation, Marco V and Yoji Biomehanika.


I told some of my friends about it and their first reaction was:


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Secret Admirer for Life

Dear Bimbobum,
Do you think I’m a coward? I’ve liked this guy for months and at the beginning, he showed some interest in me – I was ecstatic! So I thought I’d be brave and gradually dropped hints about liking him. He didn’t run away, so I thought it was a good sign.
That was last year. This year, he has gradually stopped paying me attention and I didn’t know what else to do. I think he has lost interest, but I am not too sure. Because of his current lukewarm interest in me, I have stopped approaching him and only talk to him occasionally, just to curb my interest.
However, I think I still like him. I THINK he still likes me, too! I read his blog, and I secretly believe that his words have secret meanings and may be referring to me. He still likes me, right??
But I don’t know what to do, apart from being brutally honest – calling him up for coffee and telling him that I like him.
I don’t want to go crazy assuming that he still likes me without finding out the truth, and I don’t want to go on being a secret admirer for life! It sucks! It’s miserable!
What do you think?
secret admirer for life.

Dear crazy secret admirer for life,
Firstly, I don’t think you’re a coward. I think you’re just unsure of yourself and his feelings towards you. It was good when he showed his interest in you, but at this moment, you don’t even know where you stand!
Secondly, it is really not healthy to be living life based on assumptions. You THINK he still likes you by reading his blog. That’s a dangerous thing to do, in case you’re wrong. In case you are right, then he’s a coward for not being honest with you, too.
Thirdly, when you say you don’t want to go on being a secret admirer for life, you have to be sure of your motives: why do you want to tell him how you feel? is it because your feelings are really strong, or you just want to get it off your chest and whether or not he responds in kind, you’re not bothered? Think.
Calling him up for coffee for a casual chat, testing the waters is the easiest thing to do at this moment. Then, you’ll probably know whether you’re ready to tell him the truth. 😉
After all, it seems like you’ve been torturing yourself for the past few months assuming things.
Is he attached, by the way?
love, b-bum.

Spot The Raving Blogger @ 1 Utama – 10.3.2007

So the Speedzone Spot the Raving Blogger game has finally come to an end. I must thank Mypartners for giving me the opportunity to participate in this event. It was a privilege to meet some well know Malaysian bloggers such as ShaolinTiger, Suanie, Kimberlycun, kyspeaks (although we didn’t have the opportunity to talk), Timothy Tiah of, Fireangel, Thaiboxinggirl and so on. Of course, not to forget Richard Lee of (check it out!) and Penispupz.

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Porn and Door

Once upon a time, when i was still a student. There was this friend of mine, Mr. M brought his sister from US and A to say hi to everyone. So, Mr M brought her sister around the house saying hi to everybody.
Mr M: let’s go say hi to Mr. C. His room is this one.
So, they went to open the door to that room
Mr M: wah…why the door so heavy one.
M apparently used all his strength to push open the door. The door openned…BANG!!!… and it closed
Suddenly, we heard “AAAAh…YAAAAYAAA..SO GOOD..F*** ME HARDER…MMMMMM…YEAH!!!! !!!”
Both of them left the house immediately after that.
After that, We asked Mr. X what was he doing in C’s room…WATCHING PORN WITH THE VOLUME UP SO LOUD!!!
Mr X: walou…i was watching porn in C’s room. Then hor…a girl suddenly walk in. I panick la. I wanted to click the “X” button la but then i panick panick go and enlarge the screen and tune up the volume somemore!!!! WALOU…why they never knock one? Lucky i haven’t start yet.”
Everyone: *smash head* aiks.

Sotong Mee Hoon (Cuttlefish Noodles) @ Seremban Market

Many thanks to Cheese for introducing this delicacy to me. I’ve been sick of Seremban’s beef noodles and Hakka noodles. Now with this new delicacy, I will have more will power to wake up early to travel to Seremban Court.

To Cheese: why does your noodles have more sotong than mine?!

The noodles come soupy, with pieces of fried beefpork and cuttlefish on top. The taste is quite unique. In fact, it’s quite good. And it’s only RM3!

The stall is located at the top floor of the Seremban wet market, at the section next to the section where the famous Sin Kee beef noodles stall is located (facing the post office)