Timothy & Kabien’s Wedding – Part I

Finally, after 10 years of courtship, high school friends Timothy and Ka Bien have tied the knot. Our weekend was filled with pre-wedding dinner events such as bachelor’s night and the ‘chip san leong’ ceremony. I think I spent around RM1000 for drinks during the bachelor’s night and angpow. So poor.

In Chinese tradition, prior to the wedding dinner, the groom has to head to the bride’s home to ‘collect’ his bride. In Cantonese, this is called ‘chip san leong’.

The groom will appoint a few guys (heng tai – brother in Cantonese, and not hentai) to accompany him to the bride’s house. The bride, on the other hand, will appoint a few evil girls (chi mui – sister in Chinese) to protect the bride from the groom and the heng tai. The evil chi mui will plot all sorts of evil task to make the groom and heng tai suffer before the groom can get his bride.

Our attire was white shirt, black slacks and a pink tie (provided by Timothy). Before the “chip san leong” ceremony could start, the heng tais already had a hard time getting up reaching Timothy’s house at 730AM on a Sunday morning.

Timothy’s house

Timothy’s ride was a beige 1950s Jaguar 2.4 litre MK I, a classic car which he found on the internet.

By 9AM, we reached Ka Bien’s house. The front entrance was barricaded by the evil chi muis, all dressed in pink. With them, a list of tasks was prepared for the heng tai to perform before they could proceed to ‘collect’ Ka Bien.

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Wen Dee’s Wedding! 22 March 2008

Finally, my former classmate, former house mate and former guestblogger, Wen Dee has tied the knot. The wedding was extremely grand, 100 over tables of guests and with yummilicious food.

Wen Dee’s husband, Ying How owns the well know wine shop, Vintry at Damansara Heights (and a branch at Uptown Damansara). Being a person that drinks and breathes wine, the wedding theme was obviously on wine. Each table had wine corks spread over and also an empty wine bottle with candles perched on top.

The menu had a wine list with an extremely yummy Gianni Gagliardo, a sweet sparkling white wine. I had 5 glasses of it. It was like drinking at Vintry for free.

The wedding cake on the other hand was shaped like a bottle of wine and sat on a wine barrel.

And for the door gift, each non Muslim patron was given a small bottle of wine. My face was lobster red throughout the wedding.

Fellow former Sheffield University classmates took the effort to attend the wedding. Frank couldn’t make it because he had to attend his firm’s company trip. Frank, you suck big time.

Sheffield Uni ex classmates

Sheffield Uni mates
The wedding went beautifully. Ying How and Wen Dee both gave a lovely speech. It was so well written that if I’m an English teacher, I’ll give them an A+++ and 5 stars and throw in some Hello Kitty stickers on it.
Their speeches were so well presented until it’s either they are gifted public speakers or they practiced in front of the mirror everyday. Wen Dee, can you post your speech and Ying How’s speech here ah? I want to copy and paste for umm..my friend..
We were also treated with wedding pictures taken in Tuscany, Italy. Lovely.

alamak..my tie croooked..
Congratulations Ying How and Wen Dee! Children next year!!

Khai Fei’s 26th Birthday @ DeCanter, Hartamas

I can’t remember when we (high school friends) celebrated Khai Fei’s birthday. But this year is definitely a year to be remembered. Hen, Ping, Kiang, Wai Keong & Gf, Him & Gf, Timothy and I gathered at Decanter, Hartamas to celebrate Khai Fei’s 26th birthday. He’s finally in his late 20s. Welcome to the club mate.

Decanter is a small pub located in Hartamas. It’s smoky, dark, noisy and full of kids (yes I’m old). Nevertheless, this place seems to be our usual hangout spot.

We started off with some beers and ended with a lot of beers and managed to slot in a flaming Lamborghini for Khai Fei. The flaming lambo was served at the bar table. KF was reluctant to go initially but after repeated persuasion, he gave in and finished the flaming in one gulp!

Throughout the night, we played drinking games. Wai Keong and Hen were the target of the night. But some went down as casualty as they were caught in the crossfire.

We ended the night at Devi’s corner. After couple of drinks, the font of the shop’s signboard read as Doris Corner.

Kiang (to Hen): Eh Doris is your former maid’s name right?
Kiang (Imitating Hen): Doris! Where’s my food!!?? Doris where my basketball???
Hen: Doris is my mother’s name la!!!

Hen also ordered a shisa. The shisa was mannered by a different stall

Hen: ada apa flavour?? (what flavour do you have?)
Guy: apa flavour pun ada! (We have all sorts of flavour)
Hen: Durian ada?? (you got Durian flavour??)
Guy: tak adaaa (We don’t have it)
Hen: Ganja ada??? (You got Ganja???)
Guy: tak adaaaa (DONNTT HAVEEE ITTT)
Hen settled for apple.

We shisa was shared among the gang. But after WK slotted the tube into his nose, some of us were reluctant to smoke it.

We went home around 4am. It’s been a while since we hung out that long.

My Birthday 2007 – Part II

Well, well, my birthday marathon has finally come to an end. Thank you to all who organised it. Based on previous experience, it’s best to celebrate my birthday with different group of friends on different days. This would enable me to mingle around easier and catch up with friends that I’ve not seen for quite some time.

Anyway, introducing the list of celebration:

22 September 2007 – with Angeline, Big Ben, Don & Sam, ivN, Elaine, Pei Ying, SharonD, Sui Lin & Kenny, Melvin, Vietnam Jeff, Sow, Zing & Charmaine and so on (“1st Bday“)

23 September 2007 – with A at Lemon Garden, Shangrila Hotel (“2nd Bday“)

24 September 2007 – afternoon with colleagues (“3rd Bday“), dinner with parents (“4th Bday“)

29 September 2007 – with WK, yMing, Kiang, Tay & gf and Ping (“5th Bday“)

30 September 2007 – with Sheffield mates, Big Ass J, Cynthia, Chuoming, Frank & Hazel, Michie and Su Ween (“6th Bday“)

I’ve never eaten so many cakes in a week in my life before.

2nd Bday

Since I signed up for the Prestige Platinum membership at Shangri-la , I decided to have dinner with A at Lemon Garden. Few years back, I celebrate ivN and Sam’s birthday there. The place was excellent and the food was good.
However, this time round, the restaurant had turned into a playground. Kids were running and jumping around. I even had one kid crawling under my chair.

The food wasn’t excellent as well. The variety had lessened and their raw food such as sashimi and oyster are no longer fresh. Service doesn’t come with a smile too. How disappointing.

The good thing about Prestige Platinum membership is that by signing up as a member, I am entitled to a free cake (strawberry tiramisu!), 2 complimentary glasses of house wine (which I didn’t finish) and a bottle of wine. Further, I am entitled to 50% discount off my bill!


3rd Bday
My birthday celebration with my colleagues was rather low key. In fact, very low key. It was just 4 of my colleagues! The rest were either rushing for something, on leave or going out station.

But we celebrate it at the place that I’ve always wanted – McDonalds, without Ronald McDonalds… and A&W Bear.. and Colonel Sanders beating the shit out of each other. 🙁

5th Bday

My high school mates gathered at our old place Happy Cafe, a small alfresco cafe which serves beer at RM24 per jug. It was also a joint birthday drink up with yMing and Kiang whose birthdays fall within the same month. We started off mildly with few glasses of beer and fueled it with chips and peanuts.

Thanks to WK and Tay, who repeated said, “WOI DRINK HALF”, “DRINK ALL” and “2 MORE JUGS!!”.

We slugged it out with 7 jugs of beer leaving me puking in the toilet while brushing my teeth in the shower. I had peanuts coming out from my nose.

We went home at 2am (!!!) feeling like crap.

6th Bday
This birthday was a little bit more civilized save for the cake cutting session. As usual, I had to pull out a piece of candle, which is planted deep into the cake, out from the cake – using my teeth. I had cake all over my bootiful face.
We had dinner at this place called Cipolla @ Jalan Telawi 2 which serves, among others, Italian food. Excellent interior and service. Plain water is free of charge unlike Izzi restaurant @ Uptown Damansara.

Our dinner was initially booked at one posh Indian restaurant but we changed after I said, “Pay so much for mamak food ah??”. Other suggestions like Tai Thong Chinese restaurant and Bah Kut Teh were shot down.

I think this is the 7th year my Sheffield mates celebrated my birthday. How touching. Heh. But they’ve gone so used to it until they write their wishes on birthday card in front of me, had my birthday cake – still in a box – shown to me and being passed on to a waiter telling them to refrigerate it and the costs of the birthday cake being revealed to me etc.

Thank you all for the wishes and company!

Till next year!

My Birthday 2007 – Part I

Thank you all for the wishes. Just like every year, I’ve collated all my birthday wishes in a single entry. Here is it.
MSN & Gtalk.
ingratiate is the name of the game says (6:58 PM):
happy barfday dude
Anaesthesia: tikusgirl strikes again says (7:35 PM):
happy bday
Nicole: Happy birthday to uuuu
cakes and candles
Pei: Happy Birthday!!
karheng: yo happy birthday
Cris Solis Chen says:
happy bday sorry
۞ Anatta ۞ Tired. says:
happy birdsdayyyyyyyyyyyyy
*one ▄█▀ █▬█ █ ▀█▀ says:
and happy birthday
H i m says:
eppy Birthday !
Sui Lin says:
happy birthday cheng hai!!
FeR says:
happy pootday?~
♥BABE♥~ @work sent 9/24/2007 12:03 PM:
heyy leleong happy birthday!!! hope you had lotsa fun!! and just hopefully, you were totally smashed off your face, sow had to hold the bag for you again heheheh!!!!
Samantha says (10:50 PM):
hugs hugs
lynn.wabbit says:
エモス – 私は思いだすあなた says:
happy birthday bro
★ ★ B A b E ★ ★ says (8:44 PM):
happy belated
Jinhan.blogspot.com tagboard
< jinhan>: Happy birthday boy : happy b’day siew pao boy…wah damn long u never eat siew pao liao rite? : happy birthday Boy…. Happy belated to Kiang & Yong Lin yaaaaaaa
: HappyBirthday BBBOY.. you ass getting bigger, so run harder!! keke.. btw im on for Kepong Match!
: Happy Birthday ppBoy!!
www.xes.cx tagboard
cnigel: belated happy birthday
faai: happy belated bday sexx0r!
smalllynn: appy birdday leongugu
di0n: happy belated b’day leng chai 🙂
abnerd: happy belated birthday ah boy… 😀
mengz: happy b’day ah boy…
don: happy birthday!
intan: happy birthday to u & to me he! he! he!
daren: happy birthday in advance! from mummy and intan!
www.xes.cx comments
LOLZ @ Xes, good luck and happy coming bday…getting older and older adi uncle sex…
Posted by: KhinKo at September 22, 2007 02:27 AM
pak Xes..haappy birthday all the best with the beasts in your “ngeow yat” celeb
Posted by: adrian at September 22, 2007 02:43 PM
the last pic is disgusting :'(
Happy b’day xes, nian nian kuai le, wish you all the best in career, love life, and etc .. etc (lost words to say) 😛
Posted by: Cen Ni at September 22, 2007 07:34 PM
LOL! happy birthday and good luck for the drinking!
Posted by: baburs at September 23, 2007 01:05 AM
Cheng Long old(er) edi! lol… happy be-early birthday!
Posted by: electronicfly at September 23, 2007 01:08 AM
LOL!!! Happy Birthday. Hope you don’t get fried. Maybe grilled and roasted at 16,000 degrees celcius will do 😛
Posted by: Low at September 23, 2007 05:57 AM
Happy Birthday Bro!
Posted by: Amos at September 23, 2007 10:24 PM
happy birdday !!
Posted by: endroo G at September 24, 2007 11:35
arse. happy birthday to youu 😛
Posted by: PeNNy at September 24, 2007 10:22 PM
Happy belated =) I got the friendster notification but i was swamped with work that i for-GOT to send ya a message. Hope you had a great day anyway. *hugs*
Posted by: winkris at September 25, 2007 11:14
Happy Birthday wei!:-)
Der Lin
Oii! Lousy fella! Happy Birthday la..in case i forget tomorrow!
Happy Birthday fr all at home!
Wishing you a happy 26th barfday and cheers!
Happy Birthday to my bbdear!
weichen: Happy birthday motherFucker!
Happy haaappppyyy birthday Leon! Have a great year with the people you love, and who will always be by your side especially when you are totally wasted! ;-D
Oits happy birthday man! See ya this weekend alright..
Su Cheen
Warmest wishes for your birthday! May all that you wish for come true…
Abang, happy birthday to u..haha..wish u all the best
Fucker Happy Birthday. Getting older means you sure die sooner la..ehehe.
Oits happy birthday! We’ve booked u for sunday dinner just in case u’ve forgotten!
Hallo doraemon. Happy birthday!
Wait for you at home to dinner. Happy birthday
Could u do me favor? Put your left hand over your RIGHT shoulder to your Right hand to your LEFT Shoulder. There! I’ve jz given u a HUG! (“,) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Oi! Happy Birthday fucker! Heh i know u confirm not drunk wan tonight! Heh k la take care
Hey you, happy birthday!
Yong Chun
Hey love. Happy Birthday. From your sexual predator
My Birthday @ Vintry 22.9.2007

The gang (Angeline, Big Ben, Elaine, ivN, Jeff, Melvin, Sharon D, Sow, Sui Lin & Kenny, Pei Yuen & Pei Ying, Zing & Charmaine and so on) gathered at Vintry Wine Celler @ Damansara Heights to celebrate my 26th birthday.

Initially, we booked 2 tables namely the barrel and the sofa seats. However, most of my friends were late hence the sofa seats were unoccupied. The management forced us to give up either the sofa seat or the barrel. We settled for the sofa seat which was not suitable for dining as the table is too low.

Nevertheless, we made a good choice as its big enough to slot in everybody.
The celebration was quite civilised as there we no bombing session and to make more things more civilised, some of my friends were playing Scrabble! But the non-bombing part was not intentional as Vintry doesn’t serve cocktails such Graveyard and Flaming Lamborghini. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!!!!!! I walked out from Vintry sober!!
This birthday, I received a new wallet (bye bye to my 9 years old wallet!), few bottles of wine, a huge box of chocolate stick biscuit and a Doreamon handheld fan!!! Thank you to those who had contributed to the presents!

Huge Box of Chocolate stick Biskut with the words “BIG, BIG VERY DELICIOUS”

The green monster from my cake

Sow – having a bite.

By 1AM, a huge part of the gang left leaving ivN, Sow, Sam, Don, Angeline, Sharon D and Jeff sipping the last bottle of wine.

Although I said that I left the place sober, the night didn’t end there. We ended up at one of the newest nightspots in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, gulping 4 buckets of beer.

Big Ben & I chaiwui – I wh000ped him!

After few games of chai wui and non stop calls to bottoms up my bottle, I was drunk. I had to reject all calls to force me to drink. The gang had to finish up the beers. We left the place around 4AM.

To be continued …

ivN’s 25th Birthday @ Somo, Mt Kiara

It was supposed to be held at Vintry Wine Shop but the gang had to settle for Somo @ Mt Kiara after I accidentally booked the tables at Vintry for Saturday rather than Friday. Sorry mate!
Somo @ Mt Kiara is an alfresco Japanese restaurant which transforms into mabuk central after mid night. The food is so-so but the concept and atmosphere are excellent.
Just right after ivN finished his meal, he was served with a ‘sake bomb’ (a shot of sake with ¾ of beer). Thereafter, the bombing marathon started.

Angeline and I bought him a cake from Baskin Robin. It wasn’t really a cake, it’s actually an ice cream cone decorated into a clown’s face and hat. The guys at Baskin Robin gave us knife and candle as well!

l33t cake.


The guys – making sure that ivN is OK.
Despite being bombarded with all sorts of liquor, ivN was still standing. However, he had to relieve himself at the toilet couple of times and once at the dinner table. Sow, the official barf bag holder, was at his service. Poor Sow had puke all over his hand. Hehe.


Sow – Official Barfbag Holder 2006 for my birthday

Sow on left with a blue plastic bag – my birthday 2003

ivN in action.

ivN thanking Sow for his excellent help.
By the end of the night, ivN’s brother came over to fetch the birthday boy home.
Happy Birthday n000b!!
Somo @ Mt Kiara
Unit 2B, Shoplex at Mont Kiara,
Jalan Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.
Phone : 603-62010564
Fax : 603-62010573
Operating Hours :
Sun – Thu, 6:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m.
Fri – Sat, 6:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m.

Nandakumar’s Wedding – 27.3.2007

Last Monday, I received a call from Nandakumar, former legal aid mate.

N: Yooo brother, how are you? Sorry, haven’t had the time to talk to you.
Me: Good good, how are you??
N: good too! anyway, I got news for you…
Me: Wait, you’re getting married ??
N: wow! Who did you hear it from??
Me: No la, I just guessed.. haha congrats man.
N: I got another shocking news for you..
N: er.. no la brother..my wedding is this WEDNESDAY!!!
Me: /(*O*)!!!

Finally, Nandakumar’s parent long awaited day has finally come. Nanda’s family found him a nice lady to be his life companion. It was an arranged marriage.

The ceremony was held at one temple at Brickfields. I’ve never been to an Indian wedding as such I was pretty lost when I got there. Initially, I thought it was going to be held inside the temple, but instead, it was in a hall next to the temple.

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Jin Han’s Wedding – 23.2.2007

Below is the 1st clue for the Speedzone Tour 2007 contest!
Find this word on Sunday Star, 4 March 2007….
* Flip to Page S60.
* Nails come to mind.
* 3rd Column, 2nd line.
* The word is just before full stop.

First and foremost, I must congratulate wen dee & bimbobum.

Love is in the air!

but mine’s down the drain.. GG

Also, I must congratulate Jin Han & Chia on their recent marriage. Finally, one of our brothers has tied the knot.

In Chinese tradition, prior to the wedding dinner, the groom has to head to the bride’s home to ‘collect’ his bride. In Cantonese, this is called ‘chip san leong’.

The groom will appoint a few guys (heng tai – brother in Cantonese) to accompany him to the bride’s house. The bride, on the other hand, will appoint a few evil girls (chi mui – sister in Chinese) to protect the bride from the groom and the heng tai. The evil chi mui will plot all sorts of evil task to make the groom and heng tai suffer before the groom can get his bride.

Prior to heading to ‘chip san leong’

Around 20 of us headed to Kota Damansara to ‘chip san leong’. Of course, the chi mui didn’t make it easy for us.

Jin Han & the evil chi mui

The hengtai – our required attire was white shirt with tie and black slacks.

The chi mui stood by the front door with the first task, we have to pass a piece of seaweed through our lips. The heng tai had to kiss each other on the lips to pass the seaweed. After going through 10 or more lips, Kiang ate the seaweed. Yummy.

Things we do for a brother.

Upon completing the first task, the door was open and we were faced with more tasks which includes eating wasabi biscuit, frozen oranges and also singing while doing 50 sit ups. BanTong and Wai Keong had the honour of performing the sit ups. While doing the sit ups, Wai Keong sang a birthday song to Jin Han.

Ping’s reaction after eating wasabi crackers

Upon completing the given tasks, we move upstairs where Jin Han’s wife is. The final tasks were relatively easy. Jin Han had to answer few questions and failing to answer one question would amount to 10 push ups.

Jin Han & Mother in Law

The last task was for Jin Han. He had to sing for Chia. He sang “Forever Love” by Wang Lee Hom.

While singing, Foo Tuck started pushing the door and in no time, Jin Han rushed in to the room to find his bride, in a white wedding gown, sitting by the bed with her back facing him. He continued singing, walked toward to his wife and lifted her veil. At that moment, a man has found his other half.

The female hengtai

The hengtai

To be continue..