wOtcha lOOking at?

caught someone in my office staring at my *cleavage* the other day, just because i had the top 2 buttons of my shirt undone. but there was no hint of soft curves whatsoever though. unless he was admiring my smooth skin, or the pendant on the chain around my neck… perhaps even the split ends of my hair? hmm.. but i always have the top 2 buttons of my shirt undone what.
sure us girls/women nowadays usually do the same, tantalising you men with a peekaboo[b], and yes, you can look/stare/ogle if you want to, but does it have to be done BLATANTLY and right-in-my-face-while-i’m-asking-you-a-question instead of concentrating at the question at hand?
10 seconds is LONG!
wait, 5 seconds is also long!
coincidentally the day before this happened, i had a conversation with a friend regarding blatant ogling. he told me that he was with his friends [another guy and one girl] and as they walked out of the restaurant, a guy was coming in. just after the girl walked past this guy, he made a 180 degree turn behind and deliberately craned his neck to peer into her shirt!
uhm, excuse me… be discreet la.
it’s not about us girls/women ‘asking for it’. it may be complimentary, but if you’re a guy who has a permanent hamsup (perverted) expression on his face [*ugh*], and/or forever staring like we’d be flattered to see drool coming out of your mouth [*bleh*], and/or we’re talking to you but your eyes are just glued to our cleavage, and/or you’re just short so your eye level just has to remain at our cleavage level, it doesn’t mean you cannot be discreet.
anyway, it wasn’t like i was wearing this to the office…..
[this pic is taken from www.jabrocks.com]
p.s. and when your boss does it….. *shivers* ……. yerr..

January Events

DJ Maverick live @ Mambo, Penang 14.1.2006 & Saxa bar 21.1.2005
Veteran DJ Maverick will be spinning at 2 locations, Penang & Kuala Lumpur!
1st – Mambo, Penang 14.1.2006


Intimate ft. The Slayerz & Maverick @ Sax Bar, Kuala Lumpur 21.1.2006
The Grand Modesto’s, Jln. P Ramlee, KL.

Indulge in close encounters of the sensual kind as Sax Bar steps up to the plate and gives you 3 weekends of revelry on P Ramlee. House rules apply here as The Slayerz and Bryan Burger flip open their DJ box and fling four:four beats to the floor. 10pm. RM40, presale RM30, inc. 1 drink. Reservation package available at RM1500 inc. 3 bottles of liquor and VIP entry for 10 pax. For info and reservations, call Oscar at 012-396 1995 or e-mail info@sevenrecords.net.
[Source: http://www.juiceonline.com]

For the very first time in Zouk KL history, the BA boys will be showcasing their talents. Their mission is to infect the minds and attempt to convince the masses that Hard Dance is in fact here to stay.
Here at Zouk KL for 1 night only, cranking up the bass and burning up the dance floor are the Bass Agents – Best New Local DJs (Readers Choice), Best New Club Night (Readers Choice) and Most Up For It Crowd (Readers Choice) by Juice Magazine 2005. So join Didjital, XT-Acid and Fono – Best Local DJ (Readers Choice) as they infuse Hard Dance and Trance to feverish heights at Zouk’s very own trance night, Voodoo – Best New Club Night (Local)


RM25 before 11pm /// RM30 (ladies) RM35 (men) after 11pm.


Once again ULTIMATE DANCE is back, and this time as an album promotion party featuring Dr. Willis’ and the Organ Donors latest release; Audio Surgery! Expect what you always had from UD but now better yet again!
Ultimate Dance feat. Dr. Willis will be happening at the following :

Date : 19th January 2006 (Thurs)
Venue : JB Discovery, Johor Bahru.
Date : 21st January 2006 (Saturday)
Venue : Espanda (Kuala Lumpur)
Ticket : Before 11pm RM35+1D After 11pm RM40+1D

***First 100 to the event will receive free AUDIO SURGERY promo CDs***
For more details, check out the events page of the main site, www.tek-nicianz.com

Road Angels

Need a ride home? Your so called designated driver drank more than you? Grab a taxi, how about your car?
Call the Road Angels !!!

Hotline: 012-636 5775 (9pm to 3.15am)
SMS: 017-6666 575 (24 hours)

They will come and get you, send you home in the comfort of your own car and you dont need to worry about retrieving it the next morning (when you’re too busy nursing a hangover) – or when you’re getting lucky 😉
Website: http://www.roadangels.com.my/

my first chewing gum experience.

one evening when i was a pudgy 4-year-old, my dad came back from work with a surprise. he shook the package and told me, “i’ll let you try this after dinner, ok?”
“what’s that?” i eagerly asked. he replied, “chewing gum!” and he showed me this.

[courtesy of www.dutchvalleyfoods.com]

after dinner, my dad took out the box, and like a sacred occasion, he slowly opened the box flap and put one square piece in my palm and one in his.
“now, this sweet, you CANNOT swallow, understand? you can only chew, until it no longer has taste, and then you spit it out. CHEW. understand? DO NOT SWALLOW, ok?” he explained to me the basic rules of eating chewing gum. i nodded solemnly, feeling like a big girl with an important task.
i popped it into my mouth and chewed. at first, i sucked on it. that hard sweet outer layer tasted nice. then i started to chew. i felt like i was eating a lil piece of plasticine.

[courtesy of http://www.hosokawa.com]
about 10 minutes later, my dad announced, “ok, time to spit out the chewing gum!” and led me to the kitchen and stood me in front of the basket/dustbin.
“now, spit.” he instructed. he demonstrated by spitting his into the dustbin.
i spat into the dustbin.
he peered in.
“nothing also. SPIT!!”
i stuffed my lil head into the dustbin.

my dad looked at me.
i looked back at him innocently.
“make sure you just pangsai (shit) it out later……..”

Old Asia Massage parlour

A day before NY, I decided to do something different. Ping, Yong Lin, Syen, Hyong, Chiew Lai and I decided to go to Old Asia, a newly opened massage parlour around my area.

The place was kinda like a big hooha for us because it was the massage parlour that is openly visible around my area. It even has signboards as big as my car. Most of the massage parlours around my area are underground.

I was quite sceptical in the beginning as massage parlours in Malaysia could mean one thing, ‘Extra service’ aka sexual services. However, I was told that Old Asia does not offer ‘extra service’.
The interior was excellent. It was ala Bali style. Service was excellent as well. Oh, they even have a nice movie room.

Syen and I shared a room. As soon as we got into the room, the massage girls left and we had to change into boxers which were provided by them.
The massage was great. So good till I fell asleep. Snored loudly too. How embarrassing.
However, my body ached from rock climbing 2 days ago. It hurts like hell on few occasions.

I was shocked when the massage girl pulled my boxers to reveal my ass. I was like ‘WOI, I thought you don’t provide ‘extra service’!!!!!!’.
But soon I realised it was a part of the massage. My ass was included in the back massage.
The massage lasted about 80 minutes. I felt like it was just a short while. I guess it was probably because I dozed off couple of times.

It all came up to RM70. Well worth it I would say 😀

[Edit 2/10/2012: Old Asia is no longer in operation]

And the time is..

After two weeks off from work, starting the new working year on 3 Jan 2006 was such a drag – literally. How my body would slowly roll to the side, drag my legs to hang at the side of the bed and then my arms, with an indescribable strength, will throw off the blanket in one quick move, allowing the cold morning air freeze my body and mind to finally wake up and get ready for work. Work!!

And I had just return from a holiday in Hawaii so finally starting work once again was really tougher than how it sounds in the paragraph above.

Talking about my mornings, everyday at 7.10am my alarm clock will start ringing. A press of a button to turn it off and 20 more minutes of utterly appreciated semi-conscious shut-eye. A ‘treat’ of sorts, as my alarm clock is timed 20 minutes faster; likewise, my handphone’s time is 10 minutes faster, wallclock is 25 minutes ahead and my watch and laptop is faster by 5 minutes.

Naturally, my mind tells me to look at different clocks whenever there is a nagging feeling that screams it really IS time to wake up, ok!. A simple subtraction would place all my time to point to exactly the same and correct time of the morning but in the reluctant and sleep-induced state, whichever clock that shows (or fools me to think) that I still have time, is an indulgence that is much too eloquent to be put into words.

Talking to some friends the other day on this personal modification of our time-tellers, this seems to be increasingly common for a variety of reasons.

One friend has put 6 minutes faster in all her clocks, as it gives her the commonly-felt comfort among us guilty time-manipulators that there is still time, we are still early or i surprise me with my time-management! I often forget that many minutes have been added and the sudden revelation that there’s still time to spare, is worth the rushing around to finish things up just a few minutes earlier.

How is it that we know that we had added minutes to our time-tellers but still ‘forget’ and work/live just a bit faster as if we were late?

Another friend’s watch is exactly an hour and 10 minutes faster, the fastest I know of yet. During long, dull meetings, he will roll up his sleeves and casually flash his watch around – the track record of people adjourning the meeting earlier is amazing. Never mind if they have watches of their own, perhaps it is a subconscious buzz in the brain that says, what!? it’s 8pm already!? oh hang on, his watch is fast by an hour! but oh well, it’s time this meeting end anyway. adjourn! And I honestly would try anything, if it means there is a shot at getting any meeting to end faster.

And of course, there are some who work the other way – this friend’s time is 15 minutes later just so it will panic him enough to hurry up. Everyday is a rush, with the typical i’m late!‘s. I’m not sure I want to live my life knowing that I am late, and this one really means late, not in the tricking-myself-to-think-I-am-late way.

Another matter altogether when one day, a well-meaning parent changed all the time-tellers to the correct time and the following morning’s chaos of confusion and sinking realisation that came soon after… but that’s another story for another day. 🙂

So for the new year, here’s to all of us time-manipulators (you know who you are!) and all others, to more time to spare! *clink

Random Babbling File no. 05012006

A New Year, a new beginning. Albeit all the hope that i can have a nice and easy start of the year, i have a very busy and stressful start. So busy that i cannot be arsed to make any new posts. I cannot think of anything interesting and funny to write about. Not even a short 50 words post. I thought of posting some photo sexy hot babes but alas, i have no time to serve porn, i mean the internet. Anyway, i have make a To Do List mentally for what i should do this year.
To Do List
1. Work like a Dog and don’t slack off
2. Better organised in Work
3. Save more money
4. Get a new digital camera (anyone can recommend me a good 4.0 megapixel digi cam for about RM800 or less?)

innOcent flirting.

there’s this guy whom i think is cute. cute when he grins, and he’s a sweetheart, too. he calls me up occasionally to chat and we do lunch sometimes. he sends an sms on and off, and i reply. ;P and he flirts with me un/intentionally that i can’t help but flirt in return.

i guess i have a *crush* on him, just a wee bit. a lil. ;P

but he’s attached. he has a girlfriend. =[

can or should i:
(a) continue to flirt with with him and let him flirt with me, without taking him seriously?
(b) stomp out that lil crush i have?
(c) stop flirting and mention his girlfriend during every chat we have?

[it’s verbal flirting only, there has never been any touchy-feely, body language flirting.]

is it wrong to have a crush on someone’s boyfriend?

some say it’s not. especially if both parties keep it at a distance.

p.s. before you throw virtual tomatoes at me, i do not steal people’s boyfriends. that’s a no no.