Fank or Frank

I had the shock of my life when i saw my name on the company’s newly printed letter head.
It say : Fank Wong G.J.
FANK!!! Who is FANK!!!
The other lawyers kept calling me FANK from then on. STUPID PRINTING COMPANY.
Even my boss ask me, how come i don’t know how to write my name properly. I swear it was not me who made the mistake. I had never mispell my name from the first day i knew how to write it in English and Chinese.
Bloody hell…!!! How am i suppose to tell the other fellow lawyers.
“Hello, Frank? How come i cannot find your name on your letterhead”
“oooh..hahahha, Frank is not good for feng shui so i change my name to Fank. My feng sui sifu says it will bring me luck for the dog years”
“oooh ya, i forgot to tell you. I am known as Farouk too. Just wanna let you know la, it is good for Muslim Feng Sui (if there is such thing).”

super sized cling wrap

**[disclaimer: a possibly inaccurate personal account on slimming treatment(s), written on 17/01/06.]

chinese new year is just next week!
i must admit (shamefully), i go for slimming treatment(s) in a desperate attempt to lose the extra inches and kilos, to avoid having my cheeks/tummy/thighs/arms/bum mercilessly pinched by my relatives and hearing them say, “wah, aren’t you prosperous? child-bearing hips!! got boyfriend ah? very happy life in kl ah? food there must be good!” and etc..
the slimming treatments differ for different people, depending on their fat content, detoxification, ….. and goodness knows whatever else they can think of la.
on the day of my appointment for treatment, they weigh me before and after the treatment, to record how much weight i’ve lost from the treatment. the worst is if i’ve gained weight between the last and current treatment. =(
in the beginning, i never knew what “wrapping” was.
but i should have guessed that the literal meaning applied.

problem areas [thighs, bum, saddlebags, tummy, arms, double chins, eyebags, earlobes, fingers, feet, etc] will be wrapped up with industrial sized cling wrap after you’re slathered with slimming cream or chilli oil. this is to allow for better penetration of the ‘slimming elements’ to fight the fatty cells in you. *bishpiakpoofbishbishpoing*
it doesn’t work that well apparently, if you do this yourself at home because it has to be REALLY tight.
and i thought of doing it myself to save some money….. *sigh*
and right after i am wrapped up, i am not supposed to eat until i unwrap myself an hour later. but usually i’m too hungry to bother waiting. hehe.

p.s. me not THAT fat. = but in the KL society of super ultra thin teeny tiny petite angelic waifs with stats of 36-21-30, me am fat. *sobs* it’s a cruel cruel world….

Sweet but not Candy

Before i start my story, for our readers to don’t understand Melay, “gula” is Sugar and “gula-gula” is Candy. Ok, i can tell you my story now.
One fine day, a Malay clerk came to me
Clerk: Frank, you ada gula kah? (Frank do you have sugar?”)
I thought she meant Candy so i pull out my drawer and said
me: ada (yes)
and i showed the candy to her.
me: Ini boleh? (Will this do?)
Clerk: Ok. Thank You.
She unwrap the wrapper and put it in her tea cup.
me: Apa you buat!!! (what are you doing!!!)
She looked at me for more than 5 secs and i looked at her with my mouth wide open.
Clerk: Ini bukan gula batu kah? (Is this not sugar cube)
me: INI GULA UNTUK MAKAN LA, bukan untk buat minuman (This is candy [like i said just now, i thought she was asking for candy), not for making tea)

Clerk: u gilakah. I minta gula,you bagi gula-gula (Are u nuts, i asked for sugarbut u give me candy)
me: =P salah faham la. (misunderstanding la).

Bass Agents @ ZOUK KL 14.1.2006l

One word, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Bass Agents for the guest list. And my personal thanks to didjital for the help. I pledge my utmost support to the Bass Agents! Wee! And of course, thanks to those who helped, you know who you are, I can’t reveal what has happened!

Fono warmed up for the Bass Agents until 1PM. As soon as BA took over, hard thumping hard style started playing. The crowd lifted their hands up in the air. It was ala Nazi hand salute.

Kenneth and Hoong – The Bass Agents

We had 8 bottles of Black Label opened. Drinks were flowing non stop. So was my money. And so was my soberness. Yet another mabuk (drunk) session!

Bass Agents @ ZOUK Video – Anyone knows whats the title of this song ?

The legendary Uncle Shuffler in action.

Birthday Boy Sow and Big Ben

Tay and Kok Wing – Tay was about to put his tongue through his fingers too bad my camera was faster.

Sam and Don

JaCJaC & Brisbane Sharon

Christina and TwinkyBlueFairy

Sow, TwinkyBlueFairy, Brisbane Sharon and I

Red Lobster Me & eraine

Towards the end of the night, the music got harder. The crowd went crazy.

The Bass Agents continue spinning even though the time limit of 3AM has passed and the air condition has been turned off. Loads of people stayed on even though the night has ended.

A Class performance I would say. Furry Gostan, please go home!

kit kat with peanut butter filling

months back, we were given a taste glimpse of xes’ green tea kit kat, and then the numerous others he tried and bought in japan. yum. =)

when i was in melbourne, they had the kit kat with peanut butter filling.
i lOoOoOooove peanut butter!

nice bright shiny blue wrapper…….. unopened.

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This could be the end…

A very very long time ago, someone ask me…how can i manage to work and write some silly stuffs on the blog? I think i know the answer to it now. I was not working hard enough.

Now, there are too muchwork to be done. Even though, some silly thought might come to me half way through my work, by the end of the day, i just couldn’t be arsed to be sitting in front of the computer and type it out anymore. Hence, i am sad to say that i probably will not be blogging that often anymore. At least not until, i get my digital camera back from the Service Centre. By then, hopefull i can be doing photoblog again.

However, that does not mean you will not see me again on It’s not the end yet. =) I will still blog whenever i can.

Roasted Pig

Recently I have been getting complains on my Chinese New Year banner which depicts a roasted pig.

Some visitors (not limited to those who complained on the tagboard) find that the picture is offensive.
I apologize for the crude banner. But this is what Chinese people eat.
Look at the picture below!!

[Credit: Author unknown – received picture from forwarded mail]
Preserved Dogs in China. (O_O)/!!!
Ok this is more disgusting than offensive. But I wonder how does it taste like…mmmm hot dogs..

I wonder where are all the guys?

I was listening to Avril Lavigne Accoustic. I don’t know whether or not there is such an album by Avril. Probably it’s a bootleg. Anyway, It’s recorded in front of a live audience. I noticed from the album that only girls scream in the concerts. Then from the other Live recording album that i had, it’s the same. I can only hear girls screaming!!!
WHERE ARE ALL THE GUYS!!! Guys don’t scream in concert? Nonsense, i remembered that i screamed and shouted in concerts. it because we are not as fanatic as the girls (that’s why we don’t shout or scream very loud in concert)? or is it because girls can naturally born screamer?

Are you a Malaysian Blogger?

Dear Bloggers,
I received an email from Mr. Kow, Directorof aO2 Consulting Sdn Bhd, also the brother of fellow blogger, Choon.
He’s conducting a survey on Malaysian bloggers. Please take part in this survey. You also stand a chance to win an iPod Video, iPod Nano or both!

We, aO2 Consulting Sdn Bhd, are a professional marketing research consultancy that specialises in online and offline research projects. Currently, we are conducting an interesting online survey project to find out the latest trends in internet usage that requires your valuable input. This survey should take between 5-10 minutes to complete.
Upon submitting your completed survey, you are entitled to enter into our draw where the top two prizes are to win one of 2 iPod Videos (30GB)* with ten runner-up prizes of cash/gift vouchers each valued at RM30*.
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This survey will close on the 31st January 2006, 23:59 p.m. Malaysian time.
(if the link fails, just copy and past the following address to your internet browser)
Please note that we will only allow one survey entry per person.
* Note:Terms & Conditions apply
(if the links failed, go to for more details)

It’s Saturday night…so party on people!!! Cya @ ZOUK for the Bass Agents! w00t!

Love and Hate – a dedication to the beloved ghosts.

I had terrible start of the year at work (as mentioned in my last post). Nothing seems to go my way. Lotsa Stress, lotsa lecturing (i don’t mind that because i learn a lot from their), lotsa moment that i think that i am going to die (of cos not i don’t mean it literally) and lotsa people wanna kill and/or skin me alive . All the past ghosts are staringt to haunt me now. Every now and then some hiccups pop up, then a very bad thought come to my mind “I am dead. I am gonna be sacked!!!”
To aggravate things, My boss’s kind words doesn’t help to cheer me up though (of cos it is more like a warning to me). He said “Frank, even though you know that you fuck up the thing. Whether or not you will get fuck later on it, you still fucking have to do the job” (Yes, he did use all the “fuck” words in his sentence when he told me that”) Especially when he had that “sien” (eer…hokkien slang,a chinese dialect meaning “bored” but here, it can be taken to mean “disappointed or fed up”. Please don’t ask me why or even bother to correct me because I DON’T CARE) look or piss off face, i knew it is time to run for my life and hide in the toilet (although i STILL have to do find a way to rectify the problem and face the music). Of cause, it is normal for him to feel this way because after all he is the one who is gonna get the bigger stick from the client or anyone else.
Suddenly, i realise that the job that i love has become the job that i dread. So much so that i am always looking forward to weekend. During the weekend, i can go back to the office and do the work at my own pace. The phone will not ring and i can blast my RM15 cheap but humble speakers.
Nevertheless, there is always someone that i can run to after work to hang out with and to enjoy each other company. I am glad that i am blessed by her companionship and love. But most of all, i do hope that my past ghosts will go easy on me because BLOODY HELL i am only 11 days into my practice. I DON’T WANT TO HATE MY JOB!!!