Luk-luk (Steamboat)

One of my favourite night stalls would be luk-luk (steamboat).

It’s usually set up on a vehicle (motorcycle or truck) with a variety ranging from raw meat to vegetables on skewers to choose from. The price ranges from RM1 – RM4 per stick and the prices are marked on the skewers by colour code. The process is simple, grab a skewer, then dip it in to the boiling water until cooked.

I used to be quite disgusted with luk-luk. I always have this idea of hundreds of people redipping their meat into the boiling water after taking a bite. So with the repeated process, by the end of the day, the bowl of boiling water will end up being a bowl of boiling saliva.

But recently, I’ve grown to love it, especially after few mugs of air kencing setan (beer). Also, I realised that most people do not redip their stuff back into the boiling water after taking a bite. So therefore, the likelihood of having my luk-luk boiled with saliva is pretty slim.

However, excessive lukluk and beer could lead to one thing.

staying away

a few months ago (some time last year), i reluctantly agreed to have dinner with an ex-boyfriend. he said he needed a favour from me.
although reluctant, i felt i had no choice – so that he didn’t have to bother me again for future favours. ;P
imagine me flinging my hands, a nervous wreck, confiding in my friends, “oh no, do i have to dress to kill?? just to show him that i’m SO over him??”
that’s definitely something a girl ALWAYS has to do, i’m afraid, be it an ex or a potential – must dress to kill.
so we met up. i tried not to be nervous. i also tried not to laugh. because he looked different. kind of dorky. ;P
dinner went surprisingly well. except when i asked about his current relationship. and he started to confide in me about their problems. eeks. i should have kept my mouth shut.
this is not right. i had thought to myself. i made the appropriate mmhmms and aaahs to show i understood what he said at that time.
he told me that they’ve been going out for a year now, and the funny thing was, his girlfriend kept breaking up with him, because she felt she wasn’t ready for a steady relationship. but a few weeks later or so, she’d ask to get back together, and he’d agree. for the entire year, they have broken up about 8 times!
i asked if he was the one who initiated each break up. i couldn’t help it. because when we were going out, he kept asking for a temporary split so frequent. but anyway, he insisted that she was the one. and it frustrated him because he really wanted them to make things work.
why i asked the question was this. just 3 months ago, i received a friendster message from his girlfriend, who wanted to be friends. i was naturally surprised, because i didn’t know he was going out with anyone (but not to say i cared). why would his girlfriend want to befriend me? spooky, my friends told me. they told me to stay away.
i couldn’t help but to like her, after overcoming my fear that i was being stalked. ;P against my better judgment, we exchanged email addresses and started emailing each other frequently, and i told myself that i’d keep it platonic, i wouldn’t ask anything about their relationship at all. just talk about girly stuff. yeah!
yet out of the blue, just 2 months ago, she confessed that their relationship has been having some difficulties, and he was always asking to break up. and a few weeks later, they’d get back together, and it confused the hell out of her. i felt for her, because …. well, i’m always feeling sad for girls who have relationship problems (because i think they deserve to be happy).
therefore, when the ex mentioned otherwise, chills ran down my spine. gulp. shit, i started to panic, who the hell was telling me the truth??
but till this day, i don’t know and i don’t even want to know (ok, maybe JUST a bit ;P). i’ve stopped emailing his girlfriend and i pray he or she doesn’t get back in touch with me, because i don’t want to get caught in the middle – imagine if one day the ex comes screaming into my face, telling me that i’ve been meddling and goodness knows what nonsense i’ve been telling his girlfriend or causing so much havoc or something like that? imagine if the girlfriend twists everything around and says that i’m the one who has been stalking her and demanding to be friends? eeks.
you just never know.

Renault F1 Team Pit Party @ Sepang

Since world No. 1 DJ, DJ Tiesto is spinning, Johnson, Cris, Melvin, Ivn and I made a trip to Sepang to see Tiesto spin. This time round, we had no girls in our group. Yeah, it was a sausage crew.
Parking was a breeze. And it was free too. There were few trucks of Luk-luk stalls on the car park as well. Reminds me of my neighbour’s party where he hired Fatman LukLuk to cater for his party.
Everything was smooth sailing. We reached about 10PM, just when Tiesto started.
Tiesto’s opening was superb. He had a lion dance troupe on stage welcoming his arriving. As soon as he pumped the music, fire works lit up.
Video of DJ Tiesto’s opening set

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Limau-limau café @ Jonker’s Walk

For those who are tired of shopping from shopping at Jonker’s Walk, you should visit Limau-limau Café.

It’s a nice café which serves blended fruits and other miscellaneous drinks. Lovely deco too. 😀
I had an ice blended mango smoothies. On the menu, it was stated that no sugar or water will be added in their drinks. Ok sounds healthy.

My mango smoothies was thick and yellow. My first impression was that the drink looks like concentrated mango juice.

I immediately took a sip of it and thereafter my eyes opened wide.
I then mumbled, “mahai.. no taste oneeeeeeeeeee ..”.
It didn’t taste as good as it looks.
Sharon and Cris on the other hand had a better experience. Sharon had a strawberry flavoured ice cream and Cris had a mango flavoured ice cream. It was absolutely yummy I tell you.

Jonker’s Walk, Melaka @ Melaka

Last week, before DJ Anatta’s set @ Pure Club, we went to Jonker’s Walk for dinner.

At night, Jonker’s Walk is filled with stalls selling food, clothes and many other rubbish. We had to brave through a sea of people to get to the other end.

We were greeted by the sight of a crowd surrounding an uncle. The uncle was performing some sort of martial arts and also promoting his herb. Apparently he’s some sort of Malaysia Book of Records holder. Record holder for breaking the most coconuts with his bare hands …I’m serious!

He had this Caucasian to hold a coconut which he intends to break with his bare hands.

Uncle: Now you hold the coconut. Like this..
Dude: OKOK.
Uncle: you then throw the coconut to me! (uncle walks away)
Dude: ok..
Uncle: Don’t throw it to my face, you hold it like that.. ok?
Dude: ok..
Uncle: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my product, very good for sores etc etc
Dude: (Hold coconut while listening and ready to throw)
Uncle: (goes back to the white dude) ok don’t throw it to my face!
Dude: okay..

Uncle: Ladies and Gentlemen, with my product you can blablablaa!!
The uncle kept on talking and talking and promoting his product until we got bored and left. The poor Caucasian was left standing there with a coconut with his hand. Bet he hates Malaysia now.

Fortune Teller.

Chicken Rice Balls! w00t!

You can sing karaoke in the open here.

You can even perform on stage!

I am alive

Hello people,

I see that there are two posts asking for my whereabout. Well, i am still around IN TOWN. I did not “eloped with some woman, and gone far away from KL/PJ” although i have thought about it. That “some woman”‘ ‘s parents will not be too please about it and i might appear in Michael Chong’s most WANTED man list if i did.
I thought of a sabbatical for a sex change operation but i might lose my job if i did that because my boss might not be able to recognise me. My clients wouldl drop dead (hmmm..not a bad idea if they did drop dead) and the judges would stone me to death.

I could have been kidnapped by pirates…er… like pirated dvds/cds sellers…eeer because i stopped patronising them? Too bad, so sad. VCD and DVD quality nowadays are so bad and the porns are not as nice as the one that i downloaded from the net (oooops….)
I could have been kidnapped by bimbobum and tied to her bed post. HAHAHA!!!! sorry…that was just a normal laughter. Not meant to sarcastic.

I am definately not kidnapped by xes and preserved like flattened preserved dogs. That is impossible because he loved me so much, he started seeing 10 of me in a photos that he took.

Some said that i’ve been thrown in jail for contempt of court. Now, how does a lay person (people who are not well learnt in law such as bimbobum) know that one can get that kind of punishment.
“bimbobum. aren’t you involve in ? You dated lawyer before isn’t it?”

I might have won the lottery and has gone off on a 1 month cruise, busy sipping tequila sunrise(s)… wait, one month cruise? Nah, i think i will just buy some land in Indonesia and become a farmer there. OR i could have gone to Somalia!!! I would buy 1000 bulls and cows and make myself the new Chief there!!! Wow…i heard the women there, there skin shine like black pearl..ooooh..oooh, their teeth like that guy on the Darlie packaging…*drools*

“i’m not interested, sorry.”

i agreed to have dinner with this guy who made me laugh, when i first met him at a friend’s birthday party a few months ago. i thought i’d give it a try, i mean, everyone says there’s no harm in making new friends, right?
he didn’t attract me in the first place anyway. average looking and his dressing sense was …… not my type. ;P
a few weeks later (after the birthday party) we had supper, and watched a movie together. i figured there wasn’t any harm in going out as friends. really. i did offer to pay my share. =)
it was then i realised that i wasn’t attracted to him at all. see, girls tend to analyse the situation before, during and after dates or outings with guys, in order to see where they stand or whether the guy is really interested or not. so you can’t blame me for arriving at that realisation (that i’m just not attracted to him).
right after that, he asked me out for dinner and another movie again, which i declined, my reasons given.
but he persisted, and i began to feel a bit cornered. i felt bad because i couldn’t be coming up with excuses all the time and avoiding his calls and ignoring his sms-es.
it was a dead-end discussion with my girl friends as to how to deal with the situation delicately as possible.

(a) agree to go out, but insist on a group thingy; or
(b) go out and keep harping on the fact that “hey, we’re friends what.” – use that phrase 2047 times if possible;
or (c) ask him straight, “are you trying to court me or something?” and then tell him, “but we’re just good friends.”
or (d) continue to avoid and run away like hell – he’ll get the hint, eventually.

but imagine if i had chosen (c) and this happened over dinner:
guy: blah blah blah blah …. shall we go watch a movie again this saturday?
me: again? why?
guy: why not? watch laaa
me: err …. what are you trying to do? are you trying to court me or something? because seriously, we’re just good friends. don’t take it the wrong way, but i think we’re just good friends… ya. we’re just good friends. you know i’m not your type leh …
guy: WHAT? oh my god, you stupid woman! you damn perasan (got the wrong idea) right? asking you out for another movie and you think i’m courting you??
guy: of course la just good friends. what did you think? that your fat ass attracted me to start courting you? please, for goodness sake, go look in the mirror, man! i’m just pitying you that no one wants to date you. i’m doing you a favour, man! you stupid wrinkly prune …. ‘court you’ my foot la!!

me: ……………….. oh my god, you stupid perasan piece of shit! you go look in the mirror la. dressing sense from which century, your grandma does your shopping for you, is it? i’m the one doing you a favour by coming out with you!!
imagine if that happened.
is there a nicer way to hint or get the message across that, “i’m not interested, sorry.”?

let me be paris hilton

*[warning: EDITED lame post]*
i got a bit worried when xes said that i’d have to wear a paper bag over my head for the free meal sponsored by for the winner(s) of Where’s Fank_omatic? (which we all know that i won ;p) that i immediately rummaged through my cupboards for a decent paper bag.
so i’ve decided i’ll just use this.
let me be Paris Hilton for a while!!!!
if i don’t have it upside down over my head, i’d have to make some changes and cut out the bottom part of the bag to ensure that paris hilton stays upright.
but if you think about it, it’ll look like my head is right beneath her bum. erm, i don’t think i’ll demostrate.

ok, sorry for this really lame post. just thought you’d be bored with my boy/girl discussions. so, i chose to be lame today. ;PpPpPPPPp
p.s. but damn tiring to hunt for paper bags, you know. [earlier post showed 9 other paper bags.]

DJ Anatta @ Club Pure, Melaka 11 March 2006

DJ Anatta was hired to spin at Club Pure @ Melaka. So Cris, Florence and I decided to accompany her. We were given a free room at Aldy Hotel, 3 stars! 😀

Frankly, I am not familiar with the clubbing scene in Melaka. But recently I have been approached by a club in Melaka to judge a Melbourne Shuffle competition (which will be held @ Station 3 @ Melaka, 24 and 31 March 2006, more details soon!) for them. Hence, it would be interesting to see how the scene is like beforehand.

DJ Ashvin of Club Pure picked us up from our hotel. The club is located somewhere around Melaka’s business district centre.
As we were brought to the club, my first impression was that the club is made from adjoining few shop house together. Well, in fact, it was a corner lot with brilliant interior and design!


The street where the club is located is theme as the mini-Bangsar of Melaka. There are other clubs and pubs there as well.

Club Pure is made up of 2 rooms, 1st room being the R&B room on the ground floor and the other room is for dance music, which is on the first floor. The R&B floor was packed to the max. Pack as a can of sardines I would say.

But the other room was pretty deserted, probably because dance music hasn’t really picked up in Melaka. We were given two buckets of beer while waiting for DJ Anatta to finish. Cris and I went on a photography spree. I heard Cris took about 1 gig of photos O_O

Florence & DJ Anatta

Men’s toilet – a small strip of one way mirror to see whether any guys are hitting on your girlfriend.

There are two weird things in Club Pure. The first is that male patrons cannot wear caps. I had this bouncer poking my waist and thereafter grabbed my cap from my head. I stared at him in disbelief and immediately grabbed my cap from him. He then pointed his head and said, “No Caps”. I was told that the reason behind it is that caps obstruct the view of CCTVs in the club. So there I was, clubbing with a head of flatten hair. I felt like a bloody schoolboy.

As for the second weird thing, I would have to start by explaining how the dance room is like in Pure Club. The DJ console is built on an elevated stage, which overlooks a small cemented dance floor. And on that dance floor, there were couple of young shufflers. Yes, the Melbourne Shuffle has invaded Melaka! I even saw someone wearing phat pants there too “=_=

While the young shufflers were tearing the dance floor with DJ Anatta’s progressive house and breakbeats, a group of kids came. Immediately thereafter, the kids were break dancing….


Those Bboys were doing their helicopter shits and flips.

It was culture shock I tell you.

Of course, many thanks to our beloved DJ Anatta, whose music can influence clubbers to break dance to her progressive house and breakbeats. Looks like the crowd loved her music 😀

Immediately at 230AM, the music ended and lights were turned on. Club Pure closes half an hour earlier than clubs in Kuala Lumpur.
We met DJ Ashvin, DJ Raymond and DJ Alex for supper thereafter. They brought us to Hajjah Mona Asam Pedas @ Taman Kota Laksamana. Each of us had a place of Assam Pari (Sour Stringray). It was bloody excellent. My mouth waters as I type this man!

DJs of Club Pure, Raymond, Ashvin & Alex.