KFC’s Cheesy BBQ Meltz


Have you tried it yet? It’s RM5.50 on its own.

Cheesy BBQ Meltz is toasted tortilla bread filled with melted Mozzarella cheese, crushed BBQ nacho chips, tomatoes and mayonnaise. One of the reasons why I tried it was not because of the advertisement (“eh, why did you switch of the lights, sir?”) but because I was desperately hungry and the only convenient place to stop was KFC’s Drive Thru, and I didn’t know what to eat.

Looking at it, it reminded me of roti canai. roti canai also thicker and cheaper la!

It’s just another version of the Bandito Pockett which was introduced a few years back. Except that the chicken was diced (nope, for a moment I thought it was KFC Popcorn Chicken).

I would say that it’s just OK, and not recommended if:

(1) you’re used to eating the 3-piece meal set because this is for small tummies only; and
(2) if you’re on your first or second date and you’re still shy around the potential candidate because it’s really messy. I felt like a slob when all the nacho chips kept falling out. doesn’t make eating graceful.

IT NEEDS MORE MAYO, CHEESE AND SOME GREENS, KFC! you listening? reading, i mean. ;P

bimbobum’s rating: 5.5/10 not filling enough, 7/10 for taste.
Interesting facts:

(1) KFC Holdings’s budget for promotion and advertising of this product is RM4 million.
(2) Malaysia is the
first country outside US to have launched this product. ooooh… malaysia boleh?
Promotional period is for 2 months only – ending around early September.

So go and try. (But i think the Zinger burger is more worth it. ;P)
Another review here.

Batu Pahat & Muar, Johor Bahru – 27.6.2006 Part I

Once again, my job required me to travel out of town to attend court. This time round, Batu Pahat, a small town 4-5 hours away from Kuala Lumpur.
Driving there is one dangerous task. Due to the fact that I have to travel at night on the pitch dark trunk roads, I almost crashed my car into the jungle. With all these outstation tasks, NO MORE CUTI CUTI MALAYSIA FOR ME (No travelling within the country for pleasure)
And the worst part was, after travelling 400KM, fighting fatigue, risking my life and reaching in the middle of the night, I realised that I forgot the bring my socks. FAK LA I HAD TO GOTO COURT SOCKLESS
I stayed at one 4 star hotel by the name Hotel Katerine. It SUCKED. The room smells of stale beer. Also no cable tv for me to watch the Australia v Italy football match. Further, it took me half an hour to figure out how to turn on the lights. I had to whip out the room manual to figure things out.

Batu Pahat, view from hotel room. Flat.

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Tell me I’m Cute

I don’t understand how some girls are not tired of acting cute. Isn’t tiresome to be something you’re not? In most cases, of course. If you’re really hot looking, you needn’t act cute, you know. And if you write really well. But that’s my humble opinion. ;P
I’m sure everyone has come across tons of blogs packed with cutey-pie pictures which are posted on the blogs for no particular reason at all. Like, EVERY POST will have their cutey-tooty-fruity-pie pictures, they can pose in bed, in the loo, in the car, everywhere.
beh tahan.
So I decided that because I’m an ugly girl/guy/both and I’m desperate for attention, I want to act cute as well. To have loads of attention from perverts so that they can dream of me before they sleep. ooh, baby. ;P
Some of the poses include:

1. point finger to cheek
Which means: Yes, please see my imaginary dimple. I’m cute, aren’t I? You just want to pinch my cute cheeks, right? Say it! SAY I’M CUTE!!

2. the V-sign or Peace sign
Which means: I just want World Peace. Yes, I really do. Peace out y’all, weee…
(oh, borrowed someone’s hand for that pose)

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Chuo Ming’s 25th Birthday Bash 9.7.2006

Once again, the Sheffieldians gathered for Chuo Ming’s birthday. This time round, Wen Dee and Siew Lee made a rare appearance. As rare as them guestblogging on www.xes.cx.
Last year, Chuo Ming was presented with a bottle of whisky by a stranger. A stranger bought Chuo Ming a bottle in return of a glass of liquor that Chuo Ming bought for the stranger. Unfortunately, no bottle of whisky for Chuo Ming this year.
The dinner was held at Basque Lane, Plaza Mont Kiara. They serve Mediterranean food and their food was so-so, need more salt. But their Tiramisu is excellent though. Dinner set is around RM40. Ambience – quiet and not crowded.

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i hate my ex

(a page from bimbobum’s diary)
I know a lot of people who are still good friends with their ex-es, and even with their ex-es’ families. Sometimes I’m impressed with that fact, sometimes I think it’s not a safe thing to do. But people say it depends whether or not there was an amicable break up in the first place.
Some people tell me that I obviously am not over the ex-es when my reaction reveals my inner feelings. Should their names be mentioned, should I receive any form of communication from them, I’d stiffen and cringe, and my defences immediately shoot up and strengthen 20 times.
Remember the ex I saw at KLCC? Well, when we first met up together with his friends 4 months after we broke up, I thought I was ready to be friends. But I was wrong. It was so awkward, I felt awkward. I didn’t dare to make eye contact, I was just not prepared to act like normal friends with him. He made a comment, which I knew was in good faith, but I was defensive and I didn’t like it one bit. He told me that my bra was showing through my shirt buttons. How not to react to that?? ;P
But if you ask me now whether I’d be able to talk to him casually now, I think I’d be able to. ;P I’ve never had the chance so far, so I can’t guarantee it. No, the KLCC one does not count, pimple on forehead and no make up remember?? Cannot! I must be dressed good and looking attractive like hell, then only I’m ready to charm him all over again la. Heh, I doubt I’d be able to charm him all over. I’d just try my luck. ;P
Remember the other ex I had lunch with a few months back? I still don’t like him very much. I seriously hate it when he contacts me for some reason, I don’t like making small talk with him, I hate his looks. I hate how smug he looks, I can just imagine him smirking over something I say even if we’re chatting on MSN. Eeyuck.
To me, I think he tries too hard to absolve himself from the guilt he had from breaking up with me years ago, by being a ‘good friend’ now. Which I do not need.
Yup, now he just sounds so superior and all when he chats or calls or sms. beh-tahan. (cannot stand it.)
I’m not the only person who can’t stand being in touch with (some of) their ex-es, I hope.

Yet another nightlife post

Since the rave @ Melaka last month, there hasn’t been any outdoor raves to date. Most events are now held in clubs.
Lately, the Malaysian government has been contemplating whether or not to extend the night spots’ operating hours (from the usual 3am) so that to encourage tourism. I am totally against this. I foresee that the extension of night spots’ operating hours would create more social problems such as drug abuse. Also, before the imposition of the 3am rule, I notice that clubs, after 3am, are not really in good shape. During that time, usually after 3am, the remaining crowd would be the druggies, males, and more males. Most of the chicks have gone home! Bloody sausage party.
But when it comes to outdoor raves, I give my 100% support that the operating hours extend beyond 3am!

P/S: I’ve been promoting so god damn many Bass Agents/Hardsequance on this web for damn long, how come I dont get a logo on their flyers ah? How come ah? How come?

Netiquette, Flamers and Trolls

Internet + Etiquette = Netiquette
Even on the internet, all users are advised to have their basic manners and courtesy in check. Simple stuff like thinking before you post, making sure you’re not typing everything out in CAPITAL LETTERS, be pleasant and do not aim to be sarcastic (bordering insults), etc.
The 2 types of internet species most notorious in creating hell (internet gangsters!) are:

Flamers are the ones who post deliberate insulting and hostile messages on social/community discussion forums
– One of the causes of flaming is egocentrism – we assume we know a writer’s tone, which may lead to misinterpration of the writer’s intended meaning.
– The Flame Master: “there’s always a couple of people at the centre of the war; one of these may be a Flame Master. Usually self-selected as the owner of the ‘moral high ground’, the Flame Master has survived previous campaigns and even enjoys it. The Flame Master leads the attacks and carries the thread forward.”
Flaming is a deliberate act, not an accident.
– Examples of how to start a Flame War: 1. Accuse your opponent of being overly sensitive, or suggest in a patronizing tone that they “must be having a bad day”, or 2. Claim that *everything* is a matter of opinion, that there are no such things as facts or truth, or 3. Change the subject by pointing out all of your opponent’s grammar and spelling mistakes. (hehe, i was laughing at this. ;P)

– Someone who comes into an established community forum and posts inflammatory, rude, repetitive or offensive messages designed intentionally to annoy and antagonize the existing members or disrupt the peace of the forum.
– Trolls are disruptive or usually attention-seeking, posting messages with intentional typos, or hateful comments to incite ‘war’, or opinionated messages without any proof or analysis to back up the messages.
– They don’t “get” that they are hurting real people. To them, other Internet users are not quite human but are a kind of digital abstraction. As a result, they feel no sorrow whatsoever for the pain they inflict. Indeed, the greater the suffering they cause, the greater their ‘achievement’ (as they see it).
Trolls crave attention, and they care not whether it is positive or negative. They see the Internet as a mirror into which they can gaze in narcissistic rapture.
– Can be classified as having a Personality Disorder. ;P So you psychos out there, beware! Time to think carefully why you don’t have many good friends…. ;P
– It has been said that hiding behind a false name, created for flaming, or no name, is cowardly.
– Don’t badger other users for personal information such as sex, age, or location. After you have built an acquaintance with another user, these questions may be more appropriate, but many people hesitate to give this information to people with whom they are not familiar.
– How to deal with Trolls? IGNORE the idiots.
Purpose of this post? Don’t be a flamer or a troll!
Question: is posting the comment “lame” repeatedly on all the person’s post considered trolling?
If you have nothing nice to say, might as well shaddup, ya? ;P unless the person deserves it la.

Netiquette on wikipedia
Netiquette Guidelines
Flame Warriors – picture profile and personality description provided (hilarious!)
How to Participate In a Internet Flame War – for humour

MyKad Woes

The latest hoohaa on our Malaysian law is the MyKad (Identity Card) law. Under the National Registration Regulations 1990, a person who has been issued an identity card must at all times carry on his person the identity card or otherwise face imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or to a minimum fine of RM3000 and a maximum fine of RM20,000. Unknown to many people, this law has been around for ages.
Forgetting your MyKad is a very serious offence. During my short stint as a volunteer at the Criminal Magistrate Court, I had to mitigate for a young (18 years old) boy who forgot to bring his identity card. He was arrested after he failed to produce his identity card.
Despite my plea to the court to release the boy on a good behavior bond without sureties and without recorded conviction due to the triviality of the matter and also because he is a young first offender, the Learned Magistrate imprisoned the boy for 2 months. This is not the only incident. There were many other cases as well.
There are other trivial things we see everyday that amount to an offence. For example under Minor Offences Act:-
S27. Beggars
(c) every person begging in a public place, or in a place to which the public are admitted without payment or on payment, or using in any such place conduct calculated to induce the giving of alms (whether or not there is any pretence of singing, playing, performing, offering anything for sale or otherwise), and having or able to have other
lawful means of livelihood;
shall be deemed to be an idle and disorderly person and shall be liable to a fine not exceeding one hundred ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one month or to both.
25A. Wearing, possessing or manufacturing of camouflage uniform.
(1) Any person, not being a member of the armed forces of Malaysia or of a visiting force, who wears any camouflage uniform or any part thereof or anything resembling a camouflage uniform or has in his
possession, custody or control any camouflage cloth or camouflage uniform or any part thereof or anything resembling any camouflage cloth shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction
to a fine not exceeding five hundred ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or to both.
6. Dog running at persons, etc.
If it is proved to the satisfaction of a magistrate that any dog is in the habit of running at persons or at vehicles, horses, cattle, sheep, goats or pigs passing along a public road, the owner of such dog shall be liable to a fine not exceeding one hundred ringgit.
Let me know if you can’t understand the sections that I posted 😛