my ex-girlfriend is nuts.

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the ex-boyfriend’s side of the story
My ex-girlfriend (Clingy) drives me crazy. When we were going out, she used to come over almost everyday and i felt suffocated. I couldn’t go out with my friends without her (even if it was a male-bonding session over mamak) and sometimes she’d be calling me so many times on my mobile phone, just to find out if we could meet up after i went out with my friends. hello?? If i finish meeting up at my friends at 2am, it was still a must to either give her a call or meet up with her, and she stays pretty far from my place.
How could i not feel that she was controlling and clingy?
One of the things i really hated her for forcing me do it, was to burn the things which were left behind by an earlier ex. i didn’t burn it, but i’ve hidden it somewhere just in case she would want her things back.
The truth is, i think i’m not over the earlier ex, who made such a difference in my life. even my family noticed the changes in me, and i believe that they thought she was The One. well, i thought she was The One, too.
During my time with Clingy, i tried to win myself back into The One‘s good books. i kept in touch with her, i showed her my concern as much as possible, but it was difficult when Clingy was watching me all the time. i promised The One so many things, there was a lot i was willing to do for her.
But after a while, The One stopped contacting me. I was worried. I wanted to find out if she was going out with someone new, but she refused to tell me. How could she be over me already?? Nevertheless, I informed her through sms that she’d always be the one in my heart and I’d have her in my thoughts most of the time.
It bugged me a lot and my mood affected my relationship with Clingy. she became more paranoid and demanded more attention from me.
One thing i know is that Clingy is definitely not ‘The One’. she’s a nice girl, but it stops there. we don’t share many interests together. She’s high maintenance.
I finally broke up with her because i couldn’t take the burden of having to show my concern for her almost 24 hours a day. phone calls and sms during the working hours and dinner and spending time after dinner together almost everyday, even with my family was just demanding too much of me!
But a week later, we got back together. Because she threatened suicide and I got scared. I think she’s sick in the head, too, when there were times she jokingly said that maybe she should get pregnant so we could get married. she’s nuts!
Whatever it is, i think she’s one hell of an insecure girl. I kind of regret getting together with her in the first place. She’s still her controlling and clingy self. Help.
Note: Don’t feel sorry for him. I think he’s an a-hole for trying to be a knight in shining armour to The One, yet playing Clingy for a fool. He even suggested to The One that if she needed attention (intimately) he would be willing to come over should she call. sick! bloody sex maniac….

Blame the mechanic?

My friend’s car was hit by a college student the other day, denting his boot and bumper. The college student offered to pay for the damage (his car was damaged as well) because he didn’t want it reported. So off they went to some ridiculous place in subang, damn far in….. you know, right after subang airport? that area la. forever traffic jam, too.
I had to drive him there to pick up his car, but it wasn’t ready yet. He was pretty worried about the payment. What if the student ran off and did not pay for his? What happens? What if the mechanic claims to have no knowledge of the arrangement?
My friend had a note signed by the college student, stating that he was to pay for the damages to my friend’s car, absolving my friend from liability of payment due to the mechanic. The mechanic signed the note as a witness.
But what if the student really ran off after collecting his car, and the mechanic refuse to release my friend’s car to him, without payment?
I was hoping that it wouldn’t happen when we arrived at the workshop, because it would really complicate things. Thankfully, the student’s car was still not done, and my friend manage to take his car without any fuss. The mechanic took a copy of the note, probably to show it to student and demand payment for both car repairs. ;P
Let’s say the student ran off without paying for my friend’s car repairs, obviously the mechanic wouldn’t release my friend’s car, right? He would want to hold it as a security for the ‘debt’ owing. But my friend would argue that he knew of the arrangement (based on the note) so it’d be his fault for releasing the student’s car first. But if both remained stubborn, who would actually be in the right?
If it were me, obviously i would blame the mechanic! ;P
Anyway, we had dinner at one of the seafood restaurants within walking distance. Suddenly we felt like eating crabs, but bloody hell, i didn’t know it was that expensive! 2 sri lankan crabs and 1 vege dish = RM116.00 and i almost fainted.
But the cheesy garlic crab dish was nice. ;P
Had to bring the leftovers home because we couldn’t finish it.

all mine!

One of the many Dr. Phil jokes…

Dr. Phil was conducting a therapy session with four young mothers and their small children.
“You all have obsessions,” he said.
To the first mother, he said, “You are obsessed with eating, you’ve even named your daughter Candy.”
He turned to the second mom. “Your obsession is with money. Again, it manifests itself in your child’s name, Penny.”
He turns to the third mom. “Your obsession is alcohol. This, too, manifests itself in your child’s name, Brandy.”
At this point, the fourth mother gets up, takes her little boy by the hand and whispers, ” Come on Dick, we’re leaving.”

World Cup 2006 .. stamps.

As you all know, Germany World Cup 2006 is coming to an end. Host country, Germany is out and now we’re left with France and Italy. Both are not my favourite teams. My favourite teams, Brazil, Germany, England and Japan/Korea are all long gone. I don’t think I will stay up till 2AM on Monday just to watch the finals. Mad ah no need to work ah?

Anyway, I received a letter from an associate in Indonesia. On their envelope. it has stamps commemorating the Germany World Cup 2006! Since when Indonesia has something to do with the world cup?
So I did further search on the net to see what other countries issued stamps commemorating the Germany World Cup 2006.

Germany herself of course.







Like Indonesia, countries like China, Belgium and Qatar issued stamps commemorating the world cup although they are not finalist for the World Cup 2006.




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“so, how many ex-es do you have?”

I’ve never liked this question, when it comes from a potential candidate. I’d start counting in my head, “hmm… there’s Mike, and then there’s Patrick, …..” before answering with a solid number. I’d secretly pray he didn’t pass out (assuming he had lesser ex-es) or smirk (assuming he had more) at my answer.
How do you actually label that person an ex? By the length of the relationship, or the seriousness of it?
“Yeah, she’s my 8th ex-girlfriend. we decided to be a couple, but after 2 days, we realised that we were just better off being friends.” An ex once declared to me.
“2 days is considered a relationship? And she’s an ex-girlfriend? Please! That 2 days does not count. If not, I’d have more than the number I gave you!!”I retorted as I rolled my eyes.
Seriously, 2 days “together as a couple” qualifies as an ex? My goodness, imagine including all the 1 night stands to your history of ex-es! (Anyway, he still insisted she was an ex. omg.)
Perhaps some are proud with their history – to show off to their friends, whereas some are embarrassed. Consider them conquests?
I’ve lost track of my number. ;P
Just kidding. The problem is, I don’t know if I should include the 1-week-old relationship as well.
Does it really matter how her/his history is?
Or is it an indirect way of finding out how many people she/he has slept with? ;P
However, the number of ex-es may not necessarily equal the amount of people slept with!

Street Kids @ Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

After clubbing in Ho Chi Minh City, we headed to a bar filled with foreigners. Just as we got off from the car, we were swarmed by children, most of them are under the age of 12 years old.

Some were offering roses and some were selling chewing gums.

Such sight is quite common in Ho Chi Minh City. These kids are one of the eye sores of Ho Chi Minh City. These kids are sometimes quite annoying and most of the time, people choose to ignore them. Some are quite persistent though. After few days in HCMC, I found that the best way to lose them is to walk into a shop.


But after witnessing one kid’s joyful expression after Jeff chatted with her and also buying stuff from her, I find that these kids are still children deep down inside them. It’s a pity to see these kids not being able to enjoy their childhood.

Surprisingly, in a country where most people can’t speak English, some of these street kids can converse in excellent English. I had one kid harassing me in English

Girl: Mr. please buy a chewing gum from me.. I cannot go home until I sell all the chewing gum (It was about 2AM that time!).
Me: Sorry I have no money… (it’s true..I had only 35USD with me, just enough for my airport tax and taxi!)
Girl: Mr. you have money! *O*)/ !
Me: I don’t have enough money la. If I buy one from you tomorrow I cannot go home and will have only chewing gum for breakfast.
Girl: LIAR!!!! (walks off).
Me: -_-|||

Gin Ger @ Hartamas Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur

i like this picture!
a friend and i ate at Gin Ger Restaurant which is situated across from Kim Gary Restaurant and Only Mee (the bright orange eatery) in Hartamas Shopping Centre. It is a branched out from the one at Central Market.

“Cuisine: Asian
…. sumptuous array of Asian delights such as Nyonya Kueh Pai-Ti, Seafood Otak-Otak, Melaka Spicy Brinjal and Homemade Bean Curd. Prices reasonable, one decent dish starts at RM8.” [source]

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Tonsai Wall @ Tonsai Beach – Rai Leh, Krabi.

I haven’t been climbing for the past month due to an injury I had while playing futsal. Recently, I just started climbing again. However, I have not fully recover from my injury and therefore, I couldnt do any hardcore routes. I guess I would not be fit enough to climb Tonsai wall @ Krabi :s

Tonsai Wall @ Tonsai Beach, Raileh, Krabi.

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Something least expected at a Chinese Coffee Shop

My parents and I dont eat at home, as such we eat at restaurants everyday. Sounds quite unhealthy though. I read from somewhere that with the amount of preservative we eat everyday, our body will take a longer time to decay after our death.
So, I have been patronising this coffeeshop ever since I was a kid. It’s a typical Chinese coffeeshop with good food.
Recommended dish: Sweet & Sour Pork Rice & their steam fish.

I bet this place has been around for more than 20 years. Damn old school.

The ‘open’ kitchen concept. Good thing, as incidents like ‘spitting into your food’ or ‘peeing your drink’ wouldnt happen.

And also Ahpek like this.
And the last thing you probably expect from this place is…

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