Cina Memang Cina

Got this from kinkypugkevin’s blog. Cracked me up.

    I was chatting for the first time with this Chinese guy from Cheras. He noticed my display photo of me and DJ Premier and started this stupid conversation.
    water says:
    u like african ?
    kev says:
    not really why?
    water says:
    yr pic got an african ?
    water says:
    i so scared african la
    kev says:
    he’s a DJ i met recently. didn’t i tell you this just now?
    water says:
    can u use other pic
    kev says:
    no cos i want to use this one
    water says:
    but i scared african
    kev says:
    water says:
    if u fren with him , i will scared u too
    kev says:
    he’s a US DJ i interviewed for work. he’s not my friend. gosh get over it.
    water says:
    so sorry 4 my honestly
    water says:
    water says:
    u been to us b 4 ?
    kev says:
    water says:
    u said u at us ?
    kev says:
    i said he is from US. he was in town…
    water says:
    i see
    water says:
    he now at us ?
    kev says:
    water says:
    how u can meet him ?
    kev says:
    he is in town for his tour. i was interviewing him.
    water says:
    water says:
    is he a gay too ?
    kev says:
    no he’s not
    kev says:
    are you racist?
    water says:
    what is racist ?
    kev says:
    i rest my case


Too Young to get Married

Dear Bimbobum,
I am 22 years old this year. Recently, I got together with this fabulous lady of 30 years old. We get along really well, despite our age gap.
However, the problem with it is that, she wants to get married and I still have few more years to sleep around!
There is no doubt that I would want to stay on with my lady. However, I can’t be committed to one girl at such an early age.
Please Advise.
Dear Insecure,
You want to stay on with your lady or you want to sleep around? Or do both at the same time?
Who asked you to date an older woman who’s looking for marriage?
I’m sorry I cannot help you. ;P

November – December 2006 events

More info @
Sow came up with a brilliant idea for this event.
For definition of outrageous, please note the conversation below:-
xes says:
wahlao how outrageous u want it to be
xes says:
aika miura style aaa??
sow says:
sow says:
who cares man
sow says:
more stupid assholes the better!
sow says:
seee who’s willing to take up the challenge
sow says:

p/s just kidding about the free beers. We dont even know whether we will be there or not 😛
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Coolant and Water

Dear xes,
As a girly girl, I am completely hopeless when it comes to cars. The current beau would be the one to fuss over my car and nag me if anything requires changing. But being unattached for the moment, I have no one to turn to – so I’m asking you for help, IF you know about cars.
Long time ago, some guy at the gas station told me the coolant was not enough and added some water. Recently, some guy at another gas station informed me that water cannot be added to the coolant. o_O So all this while, I’ve been tricked? Imagine the times I added water to the coolant to keep it at its required level…..
I feel so embarrassed to be asking this, but I just want to see how macho you are in answering my question. ;P
p.s. Another thing, how do I avoid having the engine’s black oil being added or changed so frequently i.e. every month? I don’t remember my car needing it so often, but lately, the guy at the gas station keeps making me buy coolant and black oil from him almost every month. I think I should change gas stations!

Kuala Tahan, Taman Negara

Kuala Tahan is one of the gateways to Taman Negara. It lies on the riverbank of Sungai Tembeling. On the other side of Kuala Tahan, across Sungai Tembeling, is Taman Negara.

To get across to Taman Negara, one has to take a boat taxi. RM1 per trip, until 11PM everyday.

My boss said that 10 years ago, Kuala Tahan was just a base camp. Now it has developed into a tourist spot with basic amenities such as police station and school. Not forgetting the floating restaurants.

They even have floating souvenir shop!

And ice cream shop?

Shaking Off Suitors

Have you had desperate suitors before who wouldn’t leave you alone in peace? They couldn’t get the hint, could they, that you weren’t interested in them? Now tells you how to get rid of them – easy peasy!
Assuming you know they’re interested in you, or you have an inkling that they are interested:
1. Use that dreaded words, “You are like a brother/sister to me. You know that, don’t you?”
If they say that they don’t want to be a brother/sister to you, insist. “Aww, you see that? That’s what I like about you, you really are a brother/sister to me!”
Doesn’t make sense, I know, but damn it, you want him/her to get the hint, albeit gently. Repeat this on a daily basis.
2. Avoid going out with him/her just the both of you. You never know, he/she may think that you’re casually dating for the time being. Have group activities, if possible, and sit away from the person. Cruel? I don’t think so.
3. Answering sms and phone calls. Always act busy. Have an excuse in hand everytime he/she asks you out. No, that, “I can’t, I’m sorry. My dog is sick.” cannot be used on a daily basis. Use excuses like, “Oh, I’m going out with so and so later on. Can’t cancel last minute, sorry.” or “Hey, I’ll talk to you later, I’m going out now!” are plausible.
Just be sure to hang up immediately for the latter excuse. ;P
“I’m tired” is good, too. Polite people do not force tired friends to chat on the phone, unless they’re really desperate to hear your voice.
OR – get someone else to answer the phone, should you be out with friends. Pretend you’re at the loo or somewhere else.
4. Insult him/her at every opportunity. “OMG, you’re so f*cking fat!”
Cruel, but what the heck, you can’t stand him/her staring at you like a lovesick puppy whenever both of you are out with friends, can you?
5. Whine at every opportunity. “I’m not ready for a relationship. Seriously.”
Of course, if you’re seen with a new beau a few weeks later, say you’ve changed your mind.
6. Be direct. Ask, “Are you interested in me? I seem to have the feeling that you do.”
If the answer is in the positive, reply, “But I’m not. See ya!”
If it’s in the negative, “Phew! Thank goodness. I was worried it would ruin our friendship.” and go on and on about how wonderful he/she is as a good friend.
Personally, I go for #4 most of the time because sometimes they are so damn thick skinned and can’t seem to get the hint when I use #2, #3 and $5. #4 is usually my last resort. ;P
If you have better excuses, tell me!

So you wanna have big boobs…

I read in one of the forum. A guy wrote :-
“I hate big boob … dunno why they want it soo bloody big
expensive somemore
what will you do to your girl if she ask you money to enlarge her boob ?
she is those kind like to show off and stuff”
I wonder what will i do if my girlfriend ask me for that…hmmmm…i will definately say :-
“No lar, next time got baby already susah (“difficult”) because the milk might be too much for it. Later, the baby fat fat one become bully in school”
What will you say to your girlfriend?
For the girl, what will happen if you boyfriend ask you for money to enlarge his penis and he said
“Honey, i wanna make my asset longer so we can much more fun”
If i am a girl, i will say