Melaka Night Life Update

Prior to visiting Pure Bar @ Melaka early this year, I always thought that Melaka clubs consists of dangdut and fengtau clubs.

However, after visiting Pure Bar and also judging the Melbourne Shuffle competition in Station 3 Melaka, my perspective towards Melaka nightlife changed. Melaka is another upcoming night spot we should look up to.
Here are some upcoming events in Melaka.

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Want To Sleep Around

A friend was telling me this the other day:

What do I need to sleep around?
A lot of friends tell me that I’ve been single for too long, therefore need some action (in bed) before I wrinkle up into a bitter prune.
It’s not to say that I have not had offers, but I dare not succumb to the temptation of the flesh, for fear of being expectant after the one night stand or fling. You know, I am an emotional person.

I could only say:

Well, if you can detach your emotions from your flings prior to the deed, then you’re definitely prepared to enjoy the ride. How do you do that? I don’t know.
Some say sex is just sex. Do it, get over it, don’t expect anything right after.
I’m sure the boys have better ideas than I do, because I’m the one who’s going to be a wrinkly bitter prune soon to expire!

Let’s ask uncle xes or fanky on this but they’re going to say, “Just do it, don’t think so much!”

DC Comics Super Heroes Stamps 2006

Sarah of bought me the DC Comics Super Heroes stamps while she was in the USA.


Ten comic book heroes are saluted on the “DC Comics Super Heroes” stamps. Half of the pane of 20 are portraits of the characters; the other half shows individual comic book covers devoted to their exploits. The characters include Aquaman, Batman, The Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Plastic Man, Supergirl, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Buy online!

Great Xmas gift for g33kz.

I doubt Malaysia would have such stamps in the near future as we do not have many super heroes. The only super hero I could think of is Cicak man.

Note: Please note that the above stamp is not to be distributed or sold or used for postal purposes. It is merely for illustration purposes.

Under Section 33 of the Malaysian Postal Services Act 1991 (“the Act”), any person who-
(a) makes or knowingly utters, deals in, hawks, distributes, or sells any fictitious stamp or knowingly uses for postal purposes any fictitious stamp;
(b) has in his possession without lawful excuse any fictitious stamp;
(c) makes, or without lawful excuse has in his possession, any dye, plate, instrument or materials for making any fictitious stamp; or
(d) makes, issues or sends by post any stamped or embossed envelope, wrapper, card, form or paper in imitation of one issued under the authority of the licensee,
shall be guilty of an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years, or to a fine, or to both.

Under Section 2 of the Act, “fictitious stamp” means any facsimile or imitation or representation, whether on paper or otherwise, of any postage stamp purporting to denote any rate of postage including any stamp purporting to denote a rate of postage of any other country;

Restoran Mosin @ TTDI

I met up with friends for dinner/supper at Mosin in TTDI the other night. I’ve seen its branches around, but that night was my first visit to one.

Check out the name of the restaurant engraved on all its chairs!

The crowd began to arrive at 9pm, the tv wasn’t on and food was abundant. My friend recommended the mumtaj naan, describing it as a mini pizza.

You know me and my quest for the best naan(s) around town …. ;P

I was desperate for something cheesy, so I ordered it.

With sprinkles of grinded or shredded green and red chillis, there was a slight hotness to it and together with the generous serving of cheese, it was good.

Someone had the nasi lemak which looked alright.

They have a branch behind the old Lim Kok Wing Institute, near William’s where frank_omatic visited often. Hehe. Stalk him there!
Speaking of William’s, their latest popular dish is the seafood fried rice topped with deep fried baby crab at RM12. The portion is HUGE!

Mamak Restaurants are really on a Malaysia Boleh roll, even Devi’s Corner and Spicy Kitchen have branches everywhere!

Jessie Chung – Loving You (New Release)

Malaysian Jessie Chung made the headlines last year by marrying her boyfriend Joshua Beh in a lavish wedding ceremony was held at a five-star hotel attended by 800 friends and relatives in Kuching.

Now, she once again made it to the newspaper with her newest album “Loving you”. Her previous two albums A Heart Filled With Love and There Is Decision were recorded six to eight years ago when she was still physically a man.

Chung, whose original name was Jeffrey, underwent three operations to become a woman three years ago.

More info at:-
Jessie Chung Official website:-

Definately another Malaysia Boleh moment.

Definately another zomG! moment too.

Fitting Room Curtains

I was trying on some clothes in one of the stores with no proper fitting rooms with doors, it had those curtain types. I hate those, sometimes, because they aren’t secure. There are those with gaps between the curtains and the partitions, allowing passerbys a peek in, if you’re not careful. They should add velcro straps or those curtain ropes and hook things, whatever you call them.
As I was just to pull up a dress, the curtain flew open and a girl barged in. Surprised to see me inside, she immediately blurted out, “OH, SORRY!”
Then she stood there for about 5 seconds or more, staring at me, as if reluctant to get out.
I stood there, doing the classic embarrassed pose, clutching the dress to my bare chest, waiting for the girl to bugger off.
I bet she wanted to see my bare chest!
[This image was used on my post titled “wOtcha lOOking at?”]
Hmmm yes, she was quite flat. ;P
The thing is, I don’t get it. If you apologise automatically so immediate after a booboo, why not leave immediately, too?

blame me, blame you, blame, blame…

Sunday night, i happened to surf to channel 19 on Astro. A talk show on current issue called “Talking Issues” was on. They were discussing about corruption in Malaysia. I couldn’t really remember the name of three guest appearing on the show but i did remember one of them was MCA youth chief.

He was there not to give his neutral view on the Government policy in combatting corruption in Malaysia but to defend the Government’s policy and effort in doing so. Ok, fine. However, when he was cornered by the 2 other guests, he said “The Rakyat gave kopi-o money to the Government Officer to “solve” their problem and to “expediate” the matter.”

But hello…if the Government Officer rejected the offer, none of this would happen, right? What about those times that the Policeman stopped a car and told the driver “You were driving while talking on the handphone? The summon is RM300.00 but if you need help, i can help you.” or that time when PUSPAKOM officer told the lorry driver “Your lorry a lot of problems but i can help you.” When Rakyat ask them how can they help the Rakyat. They said, “We “HELP” la. ”

So, who should be blame for all this? You, me or your neighbour’s dog?

Note:The entry does not represent the view of

Canopy Walk @ the Longest and Highest Canopy Bridge in the world!

Immediately after breakfast, we took a boat to the other side of the river for our 1st activity of the day. A canopy walk is a term to describe a man made suspended bridge in a forest.

Can you spot the bridge? 😛

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One of those relationship issues again

You know how everyone dislikes being second best most of the time? How is being the 1st runner-up in a beauty pageant or competition a good think when the prizes are far more inferior than the winner’s?
Someone asked a friend of mine whether it was fair for a girl to have issues being second choice. Guys (most of them!) are always wooing several girls at one go, although they would have some sort of preference in mind – like having favourites. So, technically, it’s like saying, “Hmm, A is first choice. If i can’t get her, I’ll try for B. If not, f*ck, I guess I’ll have to settle for C.”
Would B accept him, after knowing that she was second choice all the while? Or it doesn’t matter? I’ve seen situations where a 2nd choice gets together with a guy because 1st choice got a boyfriend and broke the guy’s heart. Later when 1st choice was single again, the guy dumped 2nd choice to try again with 1st choice. So, 2nd choice will always be 2nd best, no matter what?
On the other hand, it seems to be generally accepted that girls can have a variety of men to choose from, provided they are her suitors. Why is she allowed to choose, while letting the men attempt to win her heart? All is fair in love, you say?
I am, however, tempted to test the theory out – the one about being 2nd best. I know someone who got together with a girl who wasn’t his first choice altogether – hehehehe because I wasn’t interested in him. But do I really want to be a bitch and break them up, just to test my powers? That would be sad, because I am not interested in him at all – let the couple be, I’m sure he’s tuned himself to be very much in love with her.
Unless I’m feeling really lonely one dark and stormy night ……..