I attended an ex-schoolmate’s wedding dinner last night, only to find myself walking out five minutes upon arriving. That was terribly rude of me, wasn’t it?
But I was late when I arrived, only to find that I was to have free seating, instead of being allocated a table. Sniff.
So I picked up some courage and walked into the ballroom, only to find that majority of the guests were the bride and groom’s parents’ friends. Meaning, older generation.
I didn’t know where to sit, so I stood at the back, and contemplated. Teenaged girls and their mothers glared at me, thinking, “Now who is this tarty young lady, overdressed as if she was going to a club?” I faltered as I approached a table, hence, retreated.
My dress was showing too much cleavage, and I think if I had sat down with any of the guests, my boobs could fall out as I reached for the food.
There were fathers with grey hair, in turbans, that I felt I would offend them should I have joined their table.
You see, I was there on my own. And I only knew the bride. I could have brought a friend, but I didn’t think the crowd would be conservative and family!
I’ve made up my mind to lie to my friend, should she ask whether I enjoyed myself at the dinner.
“Ooh, yes yes. Very interesting! The food was good!”
I’m such a coward.

Condolences to be said

A few weeks ago, a friend told me that his grandmother had passed away. A few weeks before that, another friend had told me that her cousin had passed away.
Usually when informed of such sad news, my standard greeting would be, “Oh, I’m so sorry for your loss. Are you ok?” and that’s about it.
When I told my brother about it, he said that he would say the same thing as well. Looks like we’re both clueless with condolences greetings. We both asked each other, “What more is there to say??”;D
What exactly do you say to someone who’s grieving? And seriously, what would you expect others to tell you? I know “Are you ok?” sounds so boring, but seriously, you’re concerned about your friend’s well-being and……. well, I know some people would give out hugs. And fruit baskets. Or wreaths at funerals.
“Proper” funeral etiquettes? Goodness. There’s guidance for everything!

Tunku: the Musical @ KLPAC 11 August 2007 – 1 September 2007

From clubs to raves, now is bringing you another part of Kuala Lumpur night life. To those who are interested in theatrical performances, you may head to the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC).

From 11 August 2007 to 1 September 2007, KLPAC will be hosting the musical play, Tunku: The Musical. Angeline was fortunate to be given free tickets to attend the premiere of Tunku: The Musical. It was attended by members of the media and even some local celebrities like Elaine Daly, Carmen Soo and Hannah T.

Inside KLPAC
According to the synopsis:

    “Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka, seven times the Tunku called. Seven times came the deep, excited response.
    The last roaring cheer died away. A roll of drums, a hard metallic command, and as the strains of the national anthem flooded the stadium the flag of independent Malaya was slowly raised. Exactly as the flag reached the masthead came a crash of the first shot of the 101-gun salute…and so marks the beginning of our 50-year journey.”
    Created and directed by Joe Hasham and written by the duo who brought you the award-winning Broken Bridges, Lim Chuang Yik and Teng Ky-Gan, TUNKU The Musical has all the colour, drama, excitement, anticipation, heartache, sorrow and uncertainty of that fateful Saturday morning 31st August, 1957. Aptly timed in conjunction with Malaysia’s 50th birthday celebration, this is certainly one production not-to-be-missed!

The cast
However, Tunku is not a character in the play. The story is basically about a love story between a Chinese girl (played by Doreen Tang) raised by a Malay family and a Malay boy whose father is a politician who despise his son’s inter racial relationship. The story covers notable periods of early Malaysia such as the Malaysia’s independence day, Singapore’s separation from Malaysia and the the May 13 incident . Throughout the play, black and white clips of early Malaysia were shown. One can see Tunku Abdul Rahman’s famous “Merdaka” proclamation, Lee Kuan Yew weeping on television after announcing the accession of Singapore, victims of May 13 and also the words “Error Temp” after one of the projectors failed.
Although the play seems to have millions of actors and actresses, there is actually a fixed number of casts in the play. Each and every of these actors and actresses have their background and details printed on the booklet of Tunku: the Musical.
To me, the best performance would be from Ms. Doreen Tang for her excellent vocals. Her singing reminds me of those Disney movies.
The Star Newspaper reported that it was a full house in KLPAC on the premiere of Tunku: The Musical. The Star had also reported that 500 guest attended the premier (maximum capacity is 504 according to KLPAC website). I’m not sure what do they mean by full house as many seats were unoccupied.

Full house? Where??
The play ended with a standing ovation from the crowd.

Jalan Strachan,
Sentul Park
51100 Kuala Lumpur
Venue : Pentas 1 Duration : 11 August – 1 September
Category : Musical Price : RM80, RM60 and RM40 (students, sr. citizens & disabled)
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p/s When I told my friends that I went for Tunku: The Musical, their first question was, “Comedy ah??” O_O

eeer…No title

I went to the Court today…yaaaa..that’s what i do almost every morning.
I bumped into Ms. Siew Pau. She was walking toward me…
“Siew Pau”, i called out to her
She jumped..well, just a little bit la.
And i heard her saying to her friend to Cantonese (Yes, Siew Pau. I heard that =P)
“Oh My God, this is the first time i see Frank in person”
But, she don’t have that” Frank so leng chai, he is more leng chai in person than in photos” kinda look.
I am quite disappointed la…kidding la. BTW, we have SEEN each other in person when we were in Uni la…
Sorry, Siew Pau, i just have to blog about this because i’ve to write something (to get invited to free beer party)
P/S Siew Pau, i went to legal aid room at 10am but it was deserted…

Mcnuggets and its new sauces

Saw the new promotion and decided to try it. I was always a Mcnugget fan back in the UK when I was studying. The variety of sauces in Malaysia has always been dismal, so yeah, I thought, “Why not?”

There are 4 choices of sauce: Thai Chilli, Lemon Tango, Sweet Mustard and Crazy Curry. The first two were sold out at the particular branch I was at, so I was left with the latter. The packaging reminds me so much of in-house supermarket products, don’t you think? So…… plain.

The 9 piece nugget Value Meals is priced RM9.00 (Regular) and 9.80 (Large) comes with 2 sauces, fries and a drink. I chose the a la carte, the 9 pieces and 2 sauces for RM6.90 (excluding tax).

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Market Place Restaurant & Lounge @ Off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng

Elaine and Kenny and 2 other birthday boys had a joint birthday celebration at Market Place Restaurant & Lounge. I heard that this place is quite new in the Kuala Lumpur night scene. It’s opened by one of the directors of Liquid Club @ Central Market.

Ground floor

Market Place is located in one refurbished bungalow with excellent interior and ambiance. The ground floor serves as a restaurant while the second floor is the mabuk central. Parking space is ample, free of charge. Don’t end up like my friend..

Friend: (speaking to the parking attendance) Boss, How much?
Attendance: Upppp tooo youuuu laa. 😀
Friend: RM5 enough?
Attendance: ENOUGHHHH 😀

Mabuk Central

The balcony is open for patrons. One can have their drinks there while looking at the Petronas Twin Towers.


A jug of beer costs around RM60, but Kenny struck a deal with the owner to have an all night happy hour rate. Our jug of beer costs around RM30.

Market Place Restaurant & Lounge
4A Lorong Yap Kwan Seng, Off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact No : +603.2166.0750

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11 pieces

Since last Monday, our local newspapers have been abuzz with the news of a body found in a fridge in a condominium. The body was found to be cut by a ‘semi-professional’.
I bet the news intrigued everyone, since the Allantuya case is still ongoing and is becoming a bit too boring to my liking. Yawns.
Everywhere you go, you’ll hear everyone talking about the “11 pieces in a fridge” story. Colleagues in my office are talking about it, discussing their theories as to motive, how, and the probability that the new owner who purchased the apartment will be moving in anytime soon. ;D
My friend who stays in the same condominium became so ‘hot’ the minute it was news.

“Eh, did that happen in your condo?”
“What floor are you at?”
“So, did you smell anything funny?”
“Go and take picture and blog about it!”
“You knew the couple or not?”
“Wah, be careful! The lift will be stopping on the 19th floor all the time!”
“So, have you checked out the 19th floor yet?”
“Do you think the owner will be selling the apartment? Tell him I want to buy it cheap from him lah!”
“Are the rest of the 19th floor residents still there?”

The above are some of the questions she received lately. It’s crazy!
I wonder if the rest of the residents are receiving the same treatment from their friends. ;D
I wonder how the neighbours on the 19th floor are feeling.
My friend even forwarded us a picture (which is nothing) for the fun of it.

“But I didn’t go kepoh lah…..” she said in her email.
So, do you think the wife did it? ;P
NST 30/7/07 Condo owner finds body parts in fridge
NST 01/8/07 Love triangle poser in body-parts-in-fridge case
NST 02/8/07 Body parts in fridge: Family contacted
NSt 03/8/07 Top priority for body parts in fridge case
NST 05/8/07 A mother’s nightmare
NST 08/8/07 BODY IN FRIDGE CASE: Remand on Sarawakian woman extended

Yo yo..negaraku….ku

This song make headline today…well not the frontpage la…on 2nd or 3rd page.

[Edited by xes]
Video with translation.

Raja Petra Kamarudin has branded this song as seditious. Recently, it has been reported that the government may take action against the singer.
Singer’s blog @
Video and translation of the lyrics
[Edited by Frank_omatic]
That fellow apologize cause scare \kena send to Simpang Renggang

But it’s in Chinese la

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