xes and i were having a little discussion earlier about whether so and so was pretty or not. he declared that women/girls have horrendous taste, compared to men/guys. he’ll tell me that this girl is sweet and cute, i’ll tell him she’s just plain and no big deal, too ah-lian for words. i tell him that another girl is pretty and sweet-looking, he tells me she’s not. (but occasionally, we do come to an agreement. ;P)
he tells me that men have superior taste when it comes to women. the statement of fact about women having a bad sense of judging is uncalled for. where is his evidence?? he tells me to blog and check out your response.
i wish i could just grab some photos of those ah lian or plain looking ones he liked, and put them up here. hehe, but fear of a lawsuit keeps us cautious. therefore, let’s look at FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women 2006 instead.
do we both agree she’s looking damn hot here? ;P
and who the hell voted Paris Hilton, man… euw. so not sexy. Jenny McCarthy and Teri Hatcher are a bit too old already. i cannot stand Mischa Barton, yuck.
hmm… i think women tend to judge beauty and personality as a package when it comes to attraction. and looking at women is more fun than looking at men, don’t ask me why. from head to toe, from make up to accessories and VPL and orange peel skin … ;P

Vietnamese Soda Lemon

After getting weary of drinking Vietnamese Coffee in Ho Chi Minh City (and also the occasional sugar high feeling), I was introduced to the Vietnamese Soda Lemon drink. It’s so bloody good. It’s like a DIY soft drink!

The Soda Lemon drink comes with an inch thick of sugar (uh.), lime/lemon and a can of tasteless soda. Mix them all up together and voila! Your very own soft drink!

Alternatively, you may want to skip the inch thick sugar for an inch thick honey 😀

Striking Up A Conversation

Not sure if any of you have heard of this joke but here’s one!
Two strangers are stitting in adjacent seats in the airplane.
One guy says to the other, “Let’s talk. I hear that the flight will go faster if you strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger.”
The other guy, who had just opened a good book, closes it slowly, takes off his glasses and asks, “What would you like to discuss?”
The first guy says,”Oh, I don’t know; how about nuclear power?”
The other guy says, ” OK, that could make for some pretty interesting conversation. But let me ask you a question first: –
A horse, a cow and a deer all eat the same stuff, but the deer excretes pellets, the cow, big patties, and the horse, clumps of dried grass. Why is that?”
The first guy says, ” I don’t know.”
The other guy says, “Oh? Well then, do you really think you’re qualified to discuss Nuclear Power when you don’t know shit?”


bimbobum is the latest entry to the guest bloggers list. As you can see, 80% of the guest bloggers are not active. Even Frank, who has been elevated to partner from guestblogger, has been inactive too.
Fortunately, bimbobum has been actively updating this website otherwise this website would be left despaired.
I have been getting many enquiries from people about bimbobum’s identity. Her ex boyfriend stories made people wonder how she looks like and so on. However, she prefers to remain anonymous as such her identity is a secret here.
Due to the secrecy, she cannot appear in public as bimbobum. I’ve suggested that she wears a paper bag in the event that we are going to have a gathering.
Since she has been actively involved in this website, I have made her a profile page. Her picture and email are included in it.. Visit !
Please email her your fan mails and hate mails!


when i was in primary 5, one of my girlfriends urgently left in the middle of class and took forever to return. whispers went around the classroom and everyone pointed at her chair. i too, looked at her chair, and it was bloody like hell. i got excited and couldn’t wait to go home and tell my mum about the drama.
“ma! my friend almost bled to death today! her chair was so bloody!”
hmm, gosh, i was such a busybody! my mum had to calm me down and tell me it was that ‘thing‘ she will soon tell me about. which she did, “one day you will start bleeding from down there. and you will have to start wearing pads.”
when it came, i didn’t even know it was my period. imagine that, i was such an idiot. hehe. i just told her i was wiping my bum and suddenly there was blood. of course, my mum checked to see if i had some weird infection in my bum hole, but it was actually my period. wrong place, ooops. yuck.
as i was reading francine pascal‘s sweet valley twins and all at that time, the girls were always anxiously waiting to have their period, to feel like a teenager. to feel all grown up or whatever la. so i told my cousin (who read those books, too) that i got my period. and she asked me how i felt.
was it such a big deal? i told her, “nothing.” but no, that wasn’t good enough for her. she was excited for me because she hadn’t had hers yet, and kept bugging me, “are you sure?? surely you feel something, like all grown up??”
so i made her happy and changed my answer, “uhmm… yeah, it’s good!”
i was such a liar.
anyway, i received this by email today:

“Re:Period Caution
It has been a traditional theory that ladies are not suppose to wash their hair during their period. But there are no solutions to the question why? The victim will only realise at their later stage of their life, facing the symptoms of breast and ovary cancer.
Today ladies still wash their hair during their period with the thinking that they will be safe if they blow dry their hair.
But this will not prevent them from getting the cancer. Please read the article below: ..”

for the full version, read here.
everyone thinks it rubbish. i think so too. but that didn’t stop me from believing my grandma when i was younger, not to wash my hair on the first day of my period or my dark circles will be worse. oh, and really, not to drink sour drinks eat sour stuff AND not to eat or drink anything cold. hehe. ;P
taking evening primrose oil (EPO) as supplements does help to ease the stomach cramps though. ;P
there are so many superstitions that surround this ‘thing‘ and there’s one which i simply cannot understand – refund of pads. if you so happen not to have one if your period comes during school hours and you get one from a friend, you’ll have to give one back to your friend the very next day. you’re not allowed to “owe” your friend pads or some shit like that. a friend even came after me when i forgot to give one in return. sheesh.
p.s. are you that cute fair chinese guy in black at william’s just now? you looked at me, i looked at you. and then i looked at you again, and then you looked at me again? ;P i wanna ask you out! hehe. ;PpPPp you so cute!!! i was wearing black too. ;P

Germany ‘06 Kick Off Party at A Famosa Resort

The publicity given to this event was overwhelming. Newspapers were reporting about it, radio stations were blaring about it and most friends were talking about it as well. Further, I heard that although the official closing time would be extended from 3AM to 5AM! Also, I heard the venue would be bigger than the one at Sepang where Tiesto spun.

With Hard style DJs like Bass Agents, Kai Tracid, Thrillseekers, K90 and BK on the DJ list, it gave me the impression that the night is going to be one crazy night with hard thumping music all night long.
The venue is quite obscure, we have to drive through a small village that made it seem that we are driving to no where. Further, a signboard with an arrow saying “Dusun (plantation)” made us feel that we are going on the wrong direction. But the venue is actually a posh housing area, with bungalow houses scattered around.

However, getting into the venue was not that pleasant. After paying RM5 for the parking fee..

ivN: Where is the car park? (expecting a helpful answer)
Female Parking attendance:’s near the party…
“-_- WTF! Of course it’s near the party!

Then on the way into the parking lot, ivN asked another parking attendance.

ivN: Where is the car park??

The parking attendance waved his baton and screamed, “PARKING!!!!!”

Setting aside the unhelpful comments from the staff of the party, the venue was excellent (although a bit far from the parking lot). The sound system was excellent and entry was a breeze as well. I heard the venue is big enough to fit more than 10,000 people.

Unfortunately, the 10,000 capacity venue was not fully utilized. The place was less than half full although clubbers from all over Malaysia (especially Kuala Lumpur and Melaka) were aware of such rave. The response to this rave was a flop.

But I must comment about the beer. IT WAS FREEZING COLD. COLD BEER GAHHH

Jovi & I

Melvin the Liar

WillytheKid & I

Sharon & I

Edwin & I

Kok Wing & Jovi

Winkris! & I…

eraine & winkris

Johnson’s brother in law..’s bro

Big Ben. HAHA!

Ken, YC, Hoong & Jon

ivN & Jin Wye

Johnson & friends.

As for the music, the Thrillseekers got the dance floor moving. But BK slowed the night by playing some slow stuff. WHERE IS THE HARD HOUSE THAT IS HE SUPPOSED TO PLAY!!?? But my hope for a hard thumping night didn’t die as I was hoping that Kai Tracid and K90 would play something hard to save the night.

Further, we had the opportunity to meet Kai Tracid on the dance floor. Edwin brought him around the dance floor and introduced him to us. The meeting brought my hopes high as by strolling around the dance floor, he would sort of guess what type of music does the crowd wants.

Sharon & Kai Tracid

Kai Tracid & I

Unfortunately, Kai Tracid played electro and progressive trance. It was so slow until more than half of the dance floor left and the majority of the remaining half was sitting on the floor. By 2:30AM, 30 minutes away from the official closing time and 2 and a half hour from the unofficial time, the 10,000 over capacity venue was almost deserted.

Dancefloor at 2:30AM.

Feeling disappointed, we left the place at 2:30AM without even waiting for K90 to takeover. Yet another disappointing night.

It’s tonight!

The Germany 06 Kick Off Party at AFamosa Resort Melaka!
This time round, iv’N, gizzy, Sharon Dilirius and I will be heading there. Meeting Johnson & the rest there. Unfortunately, Sam is not going :s
As for Tay, he promised he’ll be there. I highly DOUBT SO THOUGH. I told him that if he doesnt turn up, he wont be able to get laid for 4 years. YOU BETTER TURN UP TAY! OR NO SEX FOR 4 YEARS!!
And next week.. @ Melaka as well.
TitanZ OrGans Present Project Stomp, Influences of Hardstyle

Featuring DJ Xile, Niekon, Bone, Xtacid and Learn .
Please Contact the Crew as per Above Flyers or Below:
Kuala Lumpur:
Calvin 012 330 0821
Amos 017 933 2221
Khinko 016 686 1045
David @ Averax 012 333 6535
Eugene 016 248 6130
Tommy 012 308 2715
Han 012 684 4788
Mei 016 912 2912
Maciano 016 643 3200
Tommy 016 612 6200
OR you may call up myself or sms Neh aka organiser at 012- 917 4894
Titanz Organs Management establish upon own sponsorship and foundation for Hardstyle music scene. In order to make us to support more talented DJ, your support are much appreciated by both our Management and Raving Crew.
To search funds, event and more influences in our country for more Hardstyle scene, is the only way our management making non-profit to enlarge our business by making more event on time to time.
We will have buses to going down malacca where we might charging slightly a little bit, however, this would be confirm as soon as possible.
Brisbane Stomp Videos
In Melbourne, they have the Melbourne Shuffle. In Brisbane, they have the Brisbane Stomp.
The stomp is mad I tell you. The flips and jumps are crazy! If I were to do that I would lying on the floor, bleeding from my head and foaming from my mouth.
Check out the videos! (Thanks ivN)

men can’t take rejection

the girl friends and i have often wondered why do guys take rejection in such a bad way. and so happened a girl friend asked me the same thing a few nights ago, “why can’t we just continue to be friends with the guys after we say no?”
a long time ago (hehe, sorry, grandma story here!) a good friend confessed to me that he was interested in me. his crush developed since high school and right through college. i was shocked, because all this while i had always believed that my good friends are just good friends, we cannot go beyond that. (that’s me, sorry.) and at that time, i had just started seeing someone, so i told him that. but i don’t think i would’ve told him that even if i was not seeing someone, i would not have liked him in ‘that kind of way’.
he walked away from me after i told him that, without looking back. (damn drama, i tell you.) and he never spoke to me for 2 years.
for me, the hardest thing is losing a good friend. and i really hate it when it happens.
so why can’t men remain friends with the girls who rejected them? this is the universal question.
a guy friend told me that it is hard to continue being a good friend with the girl they like right after the rejection. it’s painful, apaprently, to continue as if nothing happened, and suppressing the hurt inside. and the expectation which built up during the friendship makes it difficult. so he had to cut off all ties with the girl, to get on with life.
sheesh, i tell you. there we are, suckers to think that the guy was sweet enough to be good friends with us, so that means all this while, there was an ulterior motive to the friendship?
anyway, my friend just broke some guy’s heart and right after he found out she had a boyfriend, he did what guys usually do to deal with all problems under the sun – got drunk.
so guys, do tell us about ‘your pain’. i’d like to know why foregoing a friendship seems to be the only option to deal with rejection. 😉 and yes, i know this doesn’t apply across the board, but 99% of the guys i know do this kind of shit.


We apologize for the downtime. My 100 gig/month bandwidth was depleted before I could upgrade it. I will upgrade it to 200 gig/month bandwidth soon.
Please inform your friends that is back online.
And a reminder to all, this weekend!!!

Location : A’Famosa Resort Malacca
Date : 3rd June 06
Time : 7pm – 3am
Price : RM60
On another note,
Female Shufflers wanted to perform in Miri, Sarawak.
Anyone female shufflers interested ? Accomodation & flight provided. Allowance included as well. Around 22 – 24 July 2006. Its some sort of exhibition in a club in Miri. Few months back, some of the members of the forum were involved in another exhibition in Miri. It was great fun! I would definitely recommend every girls to participate. Unfortunately, guys not included 🙁
Email me or leave a note here!
Best Regards