Thailand’s King Bhumibol’s 60th Anniversary to the Throne

Due to King Bhumibol’s 60th Anniversary to the throne, the Thailand postal has issued a stamp commemorating the event. I’ve tried getting hold of it but unfortunately my colleague and my Dad couldn’t get it for me. Bah.

2 weeks back, my Dad was in Thailand for a week. He told me that his Thai colleagues were all donning yellow tshirts that said “We Love our King” to celebrate King Bhumibol’s 60th Anniversary to the throne.

Royal fever sweeps Thailand for king’s anniversary

Fellow Malaysian blogger Ken blogged about the Thai’s reaction towards the King’s 60th Anniversary. Good read!

The King of Thailand, More than a Monarch (Have a read)

On the 10th of June 2006, it was the King accession to the throne for 60 years and he is the one and only King in this world who has ruled and served the nation for the longest period of time. The celebration for the King was known as the Diamond Jubilee, marking his accession. According to local radios and tvs, all monarchs from every country flew in to Thailand and all hotels along the Chao Phraya river bank was fully booked by tourists to witness this massive event which held along the river.

The King of Thailand King Bhumibol Adulyadej was born in Cambridge Massachusetts in 1927 and is the third and youngest son of Their Royal Highness Prince Mahidol of Songkla.The King of Thai may be an ordinary person but he is a King with extraordinary love, passion and devotion for the people of Thailand and Thailand itself. King Bhumibol took part in most of the projects for areas or places where tragedy occurred and gave numerous help and support for the poor in the rural area of Thailand. Schools were also built by the King, not one but hundreds all over Thailand for its people to have good understanding of the importance of good education. The King took part in every project individually in arranging and to pursue a better tomorrow for his people. He was once being referred as “The light of Thailand” by its people and regardless of any circumstances the King will always be there in the first place to lend a shoulder for his people.

The popularity of the monarchy, at its lowest during the reign of Bhumibol’s uncle, King Prajadhipok, improved when his brother, King Ananda Mahidol, acceded to the throne, and reached an unprecedented level during King Bhumibol’s reign. The King commands great respect among the Thai people, who view the monarchy in a semi-religious light and admire his hands-on approach in helping Thailand’s rural poor. He manages this by extensively touring the various different corners of the country and by installing various medical aid and agricultural projects. His rare political interventions, generally viewed as being in favour of democracy, also added greatly to his already enormous prestige.

One of his avocations, unique to the Monarch of Thailand, is to preside over the commencement activities of the government universities. Formerly most graduates from the government universities in Thailand received their diplomas from his royal hand. In recent years, however, this tedious work has been delegated to the prince and princesses.
Having had the same monarch now for 60 years, few Thais can remember any other head of state. King Bhumibol’s image is prominently displayed all over the country, including on every coin and banknote. Thais take any suggestion of disrespect for the King, by Thais or foreigners, very seriously.

Me, myself didn’t realize at all how much the Thais love their King and how much the King mean to them till my company announced that there was no holiday for the 12th and 13th of June which was the celebration of the king’s accession to the throne for 60 years. Some workers cried, some working like without a soul and some just sat there without the strength to say a word.

During my early days in Bangkok, i was confused why we needed to stand up in the cinema before the movies started. And then a song and image was played on the big screen, it was to pay respect for the King. I don’t understand why they need to do so in cinema. Also everyway you go, there’s a picture of the King as if he was looking all over Bangkok with his caring eyes.

After almost 2 years in Bangkok, i understood and saw with my own eyes what the king has done for his people. What the King did, isn’t for his own popularity but everything he has done, was from his heart and soul for every people of Thailand.

Well, I felt I was lucky enough to witness this event which will be written and marked in the history of Thailand and the world.
Here i would like to say, Long Live The King and may The King stay healthy always.

Celebration Day One

9th of June was the date King Bhumibol accession to the throne 60 years ago. That night there was firework show at the Palace area as a part of the celebration for day one. To drive there was an absolutely silly idea and it is almost impossible for us to look for a parking spot, so i decided to park my car at siam paragon and take the sky train to the palace area called Sanam Luang.

Beyond my expectation the sky train station was full with people packed like sardines. But it was all worth it, why? Because it is a scene that we will never see in most countries. To my suprise 80% of the people that i saw everywhere was wearing the King’s celebration polo-T with the word “We Love Our King”. I’m touched to see how patriotic the Thai people are and the way they devote themselves to the King.



threatening suicide is dumb.

Dear bimbobum,
i’m crazy! i think i’m going crazy! everyone thinks i’m crazy so i’m beginning to think i am.
i just broke up with my boyfriend of 2 months and i can’t help it. i still call him up and ask him if we can get back together, because i don’t think i can live without him.
i found out recently that he actually complained to a few mutual friends that i’m clingy and controlling. controlling??? what is so controlling about wanting him to stop all contact with his ex girlfriend? ok, so i did ask him to burn all her stuff which was left with him. but i think she was dumb enough to have not taken her things back when they broke up. so he has the right to get rid of her things when we got together!
i was accused of being too clingy just because when he went outstation for work, i just wanted him to call me from wherever he was. is that wrong? just a short 5 minute phone call is good enough, i think. just to make me happy. just to know that he was missing me like i was missing him. because he was away for a week.
it’s so unfair! i almost went crazy when he didn’t call me.
i considered suicide when we broke up. i’m still thinking about it. but i don’t know for what reason, because he was a bastard for complaining about me to our friends when he could have told me the truth, or because he’s no longer my boyfriend.
he’s mine, damn it! i don’t care if he actually slept with his ex behind my back just once when we just got together. i know it’s her fault, not his. stupid bitch! can’t keep her hands off him. i bet they’re screwing right now just to rub it into my face. i even heard that he kept calling her while we were together, and late night text messages!
why can’t exes just understand that it’s over???? she should have left him alone when she found out we got together, not cling to him like she could die. i mean, what the hell, she had gastric attacks and panicking about suddenly being sick, she called him up for attention! seriously, he’s not supposed to bother about her once they’re no longer together. what the hell, call someone else up to help you to the doctor or something la!
anyway, i still want him back. maybe if i threaten to commit suicide, he’ll take me back?
hell, now i’m so confused. maybe i should pretend to be pregnant..
the crazy ex-girlfriend.
note: i didn’t feel like thinking out the structure of my story, so i’ve put in a form of a letter/email. the crazy ex-girlfriend is actually an acquaintance of mine, and i think she’s seriously crazy. please feel free to leave your comments and maybe i can even try and advise her somehow. i just feel like slapping some sense into her, actually. hehe. ;P

Hardsequence @ Ruums, KL 17.6.2006

Once again, another magnificent performance by the Hardsequence Crew. This time round, at Ruums, newest club in town. Ruums, formally known as Warp aka the ultimate fengtau club, has been revamped to change their image. I remember when the place was still Warp, the place was pitch dark. But now, the interior is many times nicer, huge stage, nice toilet and even with pool tables.

The crowd mainly consist of young clubbers. I heard that during the soft launch of the club there were some 60 years old looking uncles clubbing there. I’ll blog about this on my next entry.

View from top

Other than the usual Hardsequence DJs, this event includes 2 other new comers, first one being female hard styled DJ Poison Violet and the second one who cannot be named due to legal issues. The latter DJ’s name was not revealed he was introduced to the crowd. I’m sure everyone who was there knew who he was but I urge that everyone refrain from naming him on blogs or any media.

From this picture, you can see Kinkybluefairy Joyce & WooKooKoo. Joyce is so famous until she had people approaching her to take photos with her 😛 Superstar celebrity I tell you.

From this event, IMHO it seems that Ruums has taken a step forward disassociating them selves from their old fengtau image. Next week, the Scott Project & the Bass Agents @ Ruums!

Mr. Liquid 2006 @ Liquid & The Disco, KL

the first thing that comes to mind when you see the words “Mr Liquid” you think of toilet detergent.. or is it dish washing detergent?

the Mr. Liquid finals started late, about 1145pm and the crowd was restless. but finally, the 13 finalists came on stage, and introduced themselves to the judges and crowd.
not everyone looks cool in sunnies indoors at night. ;P
then the strutting began.

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Calls from gay men

So I was saying that I’ve been getting calls from gay men. I don’t know who posted my number on gay friendship websites and I don’t know what the f00t is wrong with that person who posted my number there. It could be due to the following reasons:-
(a) He’s gay too and/or he hates me for making fun of gays sometimes.
(b) Its a prank
(c) It’s a malicious attempt to defame me and to injure my reputation
In regards to (c), I find the said act amounts to a criminal defamation. Section 499 of the Malaysian Penal Code provides that:-

    499. Defamation.
    Whoever, by words either spoken or intended to be read or by signs, or by visible representations makes or publishes any imputation concerning any person, intending to harm, or knowing or having reason to believe that such imputation will harm the reputation of such person, is said, except in the cases hereinafter excepted, to defame that person.
    500. Punishment for defamation.
    Whoever defames another shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both.

In simple words, anyone who published something that will harm the reputation of a person has committed criminal defamation. Once convicted, the person shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years or with a fine or both. I have seen those poor prisoners in court. Smelly, unshaved, humiliated and bullied. I’ve met one girl who was arrested just right after she came out from the shower. Man, I tell you, she stinks when I saw her in Court.
Unfortunately, I did not try to trace the person who posted my number. Those bloody gay men who called me are not very helpful at all. Whenever I asked them where did they get my number, they would answer, “Eumm…I forgot…”.
Making a police report to trace the culprit is not helpful without any leads. To everyone out there, make sure you have enough evidence or information for the police to conduct an investigation before making a report otherwise the police wouldn’t help much. But some of the people who called me were nice enough to give me some leads. Watch this space!
Anyway, those calls from gay men gave me a bad impression on gay men. They gave me the impression that many gay men are so bloody desperate to poke bum holes that they call up strangers to meet up. Or probably they find it exciting to poke strangers.
Also, many don’t have to courtesy to say hello. For example, some would start with “How are youuuuuu??”.
Another guy said, “lei chou kan meh yehhh (What are you doing in Chinese).
NGO TIU KAN HAI AH!! MOU FAN NGO AH!! (translation: sorry I’m busy, please do not disturb me)
Then yesterday..
Me: Where did you get my number from?
GayGuy: Umm..from a gay website..
GayGuy: I am 65 KGS…20 years old..
GayGuy: Oh…I don’t remember… Ahh. I cant remember.
GayGuy: *t00t* *t00t* *t00t* (hangs up phone)

Upcoming events.

Hardsequence @ Ruums, KL – 17th June 06

Ruums, formally known as Warp (thereafter known as Channel), used to be THE ULTIMATE FENGTAU club. Mainly a Chinese triad dominated club, I feared for my life during my past 2 visits there. However, I heard that the management decided to turn the club around to change its fengtau image to compete with ZOUK KL. With the most popular local DJs, namely the Bass Agents and the Dark Ravers, they now face a challange changing this club’s image.
Please give support to our local boys, long live hard dance!
For more events click below:-

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From Today’s Star Newspaper

Two hunters are out in the woods in New Jersey when one of them collapses. He doesn’t seem to be breathing and his eyes are glazed.
The other guy whips out his phone and calls the emergency services. He gasps “My friend is dead! What can I do?” The operator says: ” Calm down, I can help. First, let’s make sure he’s dead.” There is a silence, then a shot is heard. Back on the phone, the guy says “OK, now what?”
This was a joke written by Spike Milligan and was apparently voted as the funniest Joke in the World. What do you think?

can you spot fake boobs?

i don’t want your mummies and daddies to come chasing after me. ;P

how can you tell whether a woman has fake boobs? i assume if both don’t jiggle .. err ….. differently, then it’s fake. and when the girl lays on her back, the boobs are still … err …. perky and upright. hehehe.
there are some tests out there, try it out and see how good you are. ;P
1. how easily can people spot a breast augmentation?
2. the real breasts/fake breasts test.
the 2nd test is more fun. ;D but it’s not fair, naked boobs are easier to tell, compared to clothed ones.
i wish mine were a wee bit bigger. ;D

Random thoughts about World Cup

When the world cup starts, the world stops – took this picture while having dinner at a shopping centre. These people were standing by the side of a sidewalk watching the game.

  • Clubs will not be packed like usual
  • I will gain some weight after the world cup due to midnight snacks and beer
  • A lot of people will lose a lot of money from gambling
  • Many relationships will be strained due to neglect by one party
  • It would be cool to have cinemas showing matches live but I think this is not happening due to licensing issue
  • I cannot help to scream when a goal attempt was made
  • The Sweden v Trinidad & Tobago game was exciting. The 10 men Trinidad & Tobago team celebrated the draw like they have just won the world cup.
  • Germany’s long range kick is like cannon ball man, very precise as well!
  • I find that watching the game at a friend’s place is the most comfortable of all.
  • While the guys watch the game, you girls can gather and hit the club on an all girls night out.
  • My prediction for the Final for the World Cup Finals – Germany v Brazil!