Have you seen this girl?

Ms. Michelle Kirsten Tai, another fellow blogger with the url of http://www.michelle-kirsten.blogspot.com/ has been missing since last Friday. Her family has made a police report and a local Chinese newspaper has issued a front page notice looking for her.
Her cousin, Ms. Jessie has left a message on Michelle’s tagboard stating:-
Jessie: Hi Everyone I am Michelle’s cousin Please help us to find Michelle as she has not been back home since yesterday afternoon….. Please tell her to contact us back home as we are very worried about her and we have already lodge a police report…. Please call us at 03-77811819(home), 017-8835 118 (Dad), 017-3139 658 (Mum), 012-653 2114 (Jessie) MIchelle ….please call back..we miss you & we all love you – Jessie-
This is unlike the usual missing person notice, this notice is not just a face. A visit to her blog reveals a life before this tragedy. A love life, good friends, trips to here and there, her devotion to God and so on. It’s sad to see such calamity affecting a young person like her. So please, contact the above numbers if you have any information and save tEh turtles.
This community service message is brought to you by www.xes.cx. Please pass the message around.

SOURCE: http://angelzparadise.blogspot.com/2006/08/thank-god-shes-found.html

The Malaysia Bar EGM @ Dewan Lee San Choon, Wisma MCA. – 18 August 2006

Due to the upcoming Legal Profession (Amendment) Bill 2006 which was drafted without the consultation of the members of the Malaysian Bar Council, Yang Mulia Raja Aziz Addruse and seconded by Datuk Param Cumaraswamy tabled a motion which called for the council to request the authorities to hold the amendments except for 2 and also set up an ad hoc committee to carry out dept studies on the amendments within 6 weeks and thereafter recommend to the relevant authorities.

The amendments by the Legal Profession Act 1976 (Amendment) Bill 2006 was heavily opposed by many lawyers and debates were going on (especially online) for weeks before Saturday’s EGM. For the past weeks, articles and comments were published and distributed among lawyers. Reading the Bill alone is quite confusing as one had to cross refer to the original Act. As such, I based my views on comments and articles posted on the net.

Due to articles and comments, I supported the motion simply because the members of the bar were not consulted over the said amendments and also that (innocent) partners of a partnership are liable for the wrong doings of their partners (note: there are other issues as well). The latter is obviously unfair. It’s like having a wife being chased by loan sharks after her husband defaulted on the loan.

I was told that the members of the Bar were not consulted simply because the process does not require the authorities to do so.
In order for the EGM to proceed, we needed at least a 2500 quorum. The issue of quorum has always been a concern to the members of the bar as without a full quorum, no EGM will be valid. I was told that lawyers all around Malaysia attended the EGM. Even the Penang Bar organised busses to KL!

At 2:20PM, the speaker announced that we have reached our quorum. The crowd exploded in a cheer. I was told that quorum was a record of 3265 lawyers!

The event was organised at Lee San Choon Hall in Wisma MCA with lawyers filling almost every seat. The EGM was chaired by our President. Every person was given an opportunity to speak by heading to one of the mikes around.

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Women Fear Rejection!

2 months ago, i brought up the subject about men being unable to take rejection from women they have been pursuing. Quite a number of readers believe that it’s due to ego. Some girls (or women) have mentioned that women may equally experience the same embarrassment or humiliation from rejection – therefore the issue of bruised egos cannot be based on gender alone.
Recently someone made a outburst comment which I believe should be considered. Especially by the women out there. (You may need to defend yourself, women!)

You women are stupid. You sit on your barstool and pick and choose and never have to take the risk of rejection. The man does all the work and spends all the money. You live like gods holding the self esteem of others in the palm of your hand and crush it for a whim.(bimbobum: i didn’t know women were that powerful!) Girl’s whole self image is based on one thing, how they look, period. (bimbobum: that’s an issue of vanity.)
Yet, they will turn down a guy who looks good because of “personality” which is always assumed that a good looking guy does not have because he intimidates the girl who is so focused on her own looks and self image. Any good looking guy is a threat to a good looking woman for this reason, and he will be punished for making her feel that way, because women are spoiled, selfish, conceited narcissistic creatures who care only about themeselves. (bimbobum: what, you’re generalising it, my darling.)
They reject so frivolously, telling a man that he is sexually inferior, yet have the balls to wonder why he is upset at being told he is less than a man. I know that rejection means nothing though, because the female attraction mechanism is based on nothing. Women say they go for “personality” and reject that attractive guy, yet they always date a complete jerk who cheats on them, yet cry on the shoulder of the “nice” guy and refuse to date him because he isn’t “exciting” like the jerk. Wait a minute, I thought you went for “personality.” The guy they pick is always ugly, or at least most of the time. This makes no sense. (bimbobum: that’s because the good looking ones are already taken and the nice decent ones) They crush the self esteem of the attractive guy who has every thing to lose when he gets rejected. And they love to do this, since they were intimidated of the guy, they make him pay for how they feel about themselves and then say he has no personality, as if it’s a crime to be attractive, yet, the girl lives off her looks and nothing more.
The girls who cry about this “personality” bullshit all have their nose in the air, walk around like a fascist ice queen, reject everybody but the biggest loser they can find with the biggest wallet. They have a tag on their car that says “2hot4U”, they wear a shirt that says “princess”, ask all around them “could I be a model”, demand to be bought and paid for like they deserve a free ride in this world because they have a pair of tits, and surround themselves with ugly girls since they hate all other good looking women and want to make themselves feel better by having other women around them that they feel are inferior to them based on nothing but looks. (bimbobum: can i be a model??)
They are irrational, selfish and think with nothing but their emotions and their ego, yet have the audacity to judge another person’s personality, which is just a code word for saying they want an ugly jerk, loser, tool homo that they can control to feel better about their arrogant self.
If these conceited selfish women would get their face out of the mirror long enough to go up and ask a guy for a date, and then get turn down, they would probably kill themselves.
Imagine it this way: you are a blond, you are the hottest girl in the room, and you walk up to a reasonably attractive guy that you think is a match for you, he puts his nose in the air, he insults you for daring to compliment him, he turns you down, then walks up to the ugliest, fattest girl in the room, who has the worst, most arrogant attitude and then walks away laughing at the harm he has done you. Imagine this happening over 90% of the time you summon the courage to ask out a guy. Then, you have to walk around watching all the fat, ugly girls with all the good looking guys, day after day. Then, the guys say, I wonder why she is mad, I only turned her down, I only told her she wasn’t good enough. And, its because we only go for whats inside. After all, no good looking girl has a personality, we go for “other things“, its not all about sex, its who you are inside, and there is no way this girl could have a “personaility”, just look at her. (bimbobum: but that’s because i ended up being an ah lian/beng with blond hair in malaysia, of course i got rejected!!)
You are all insane, and you are too spoiled and irrational to know. Take your ugly guys and burn in hell, all of you. (bimbobum: and i’m taking you down with me? ;P)

Raise your hand, ladies, those who have experienced rejection before. As if we’re not brave enough, hmmffh.
(Thank you, GoodLooksAreACurse, this is the longest comment I’ve ever received. Your 2 cents worth is appreciated. Cheers! But I don’t totally agree with you.)

The Night Barber

It was 945pm and I stopped at USJ 2 for supper with my friends. Before I got out of my car, I glanced at the store I had parked before it.

It was 945pm and Mr. Barber had a customer. Wow.
So easy, isn’t it, for the convenience of his customers to come by and have their hair cut after office hours.
Unlike most hair salons which close as early as 6pm.
He’s working hard to make his living. With the basic necessities to run his business.
Barbering very easy to do, by the looks of it. ;P
And is his name must be Bop. What’s that song again, that Hanson song? MMmmbop… !!
(no offence, Mr. Bop. Very sorry, Mr. Bop! No, i’m not bobbing my head, Mr. Bop! What, no thanks, i don’t need a bob, Mr. Bop…… What? Ok, sorry Mr. Bop! I’ll stop calling you Mr. Bop, Mr……)
(yes, i’m entertaining myself ;P)

August Events


– Presale bookings and packages can be booked through any of the HS promoters or juniors.
– We will NOT be selling any packages on the anniversary night, only if you have prebooked your package earlier.
– HS Anniversary CD is available ONLY in the HS Anniversary package [RM60]
– Yes HS Anniversary Tshirts can be bought on 19th August for RM50.
Check out the pretty tshirts 😀 I want one with www.xes.cx design!
**Please note collection and purchases of packages can be made at the following times:
~ 10 August in JB @ Jazz & Blues Discovery – HS pres. OTEK [AUS] & NOTTIFISH [MAL]
~ 12 August in KL @ Ruums – HS pres. OTEK [AUS] : Between 9pm – 11pm
~ 19 August in KL @ Ruums – HS ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY Tag Teams “RAW is WAR : Between 9pm – 10pm!!!
**IMPORTANT: if YOU HAVE BOOKED A HS PACKAGE BUT DO NOT arrive during the times stated for HS Package collection, we will have to sell them off to those FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. We appreciate your understanding.
contact winkris for more information
26 August 2006
Cosmic Gate live in KL @ ZOUK KL!
Wow, I didn’t know Commercialized singles’ party exist! Here’s one! From a single friend whose name starts with a M 😀

    Well, how would you like to meet and hook up with your hot babe or sizzling hunk in ONE night? Are you yearning to settle down and make babies? Perhaps even have wedding bells ringing 6 months down the road ? (yes, this is what we call ‘shotgun wedding’)
    BUT what we can do is offer all of you the opportunity to meet some of KL’s Single & Most Eligible (namely you lot of course!!!) with tons of unADULTerated fun, laughter & SEXcitement!!

More info @ http://www.eccentric-events.com/
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Pork Meat in Malaysian Cuisines

For years I didn’t realise that our fast food lack in one common ingredient, pork. The reason is very obvious. The majority of Malaysians are Muslims and as such, they do not include pork in their menu.
I also didn’t realise that this extends to locally produced instant noodles until recently, a friend came back from China bringing back few packets of Pork Instant Noodles.
Introducing Pork Ribs Instant Noodles!

The thought of eating pork ribs noodles is definitely foodgasmic!
The noodles’ texture looks perfect, the pork ribs look juicy and THE TASTE OF IT…sorry havent tried it yet.

Advice from a Man and Woman

The obvious difference between men and women is how they approach a problem. Especially when it comes to relationship problems.
For example, if a girl whines about her flings or relationship to her friends:

Her: I’m worried. I don’t think he loves me anymore. *sniffles* He hardly wants to see me at all and he hardly calls. When I asked why, he tells me it’s because he’s busy with work. I think he’s seeing someone else….. Don’t you think? I mean, if you miss your girlfriend, you’d still want to see her even though you’re tired from work, right? *big sigh*
Guy friend: Maybe he really is overworked and tired. Don’t be so sensitive, I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about. Relax! Chill, man….
Girl friend: *HMMMFFH* Nonsense! I know how you feel and you have every right to be worried. I mean, totally ridiculous, right, even if you’re tired from work, at least make some effort to visit you a while or have a quick dinner together? *yak yak yak* I think he’s not that into you anymore. Ask him straight out, or just don’t bother about him for the time being, go out with your friends and enjoy yourself! Be prepared for a break up. If you can’t take it anymore, just ask for a break up now la! *yak yak yak, can go on forever*
Guy friend: A bit over, right, you? Advising her to ask for a break up when you don’t even know whether there’s a serious problem. Just relax la. He will call you once his work is sorted out.
Girl friend: HELLOOOO?? The stupid boyfriend is not making any effort to spend time with her, so why keep him? *yak yak yak*

MEN – they take it easy. Relax, man, chill!
WOMEN – jumping to conclusions and coming up with solutions.

Hehehe. Isn’t it so true?

www.xes.cx HACKED..again..

First and foremost, I must thank pikey and Big Ben for informing me early in the morning that my website got hacked.

This is not the first time a website of mine got hacked. Few months back, the xes.cx forum was hacked and defaced. My forum data was lost and I had to reinstall a new forum because of that.

Many years back, when I had www.xes.net.my, a friend of mine hacked in to www.xes.net.my and defaced the main page. Fortunately, no harm was done.

Anyway, a brief history. Prior to www.xes.cx , I had xes.net.my. The url was cancelled because the person in charge of maintaining my url, Sai-X neglected to do. And before xes.net.my, I had xes.org. That died as well.

Maintaining a website is certainly not easy. I have gone through pain and tears because of websites. Recently, I have been threatened with a police report due to one entry I made about friendster accounts of an 85 years old lawyer and a 20++ years old girl. The lawyer sent me a letter accusing me of setting up the fake friendster accounts, which of course was denied. The entry has been removed.

Then last year, a photographer emailed me demanding me to remove photographs that I posted on my website. They were photos of night spots in Kuala Lumpur. He was about to sue me for fees for using his pictures. But fortunately, he decided to forget about it.
Also, not forgetting the occasional blog trolls such as iloveu. These blog trolls usually post insulting messages anonymously. Sometimes they make my blood boil. But most of the time, they’re creating bad karma for themselves 😛

Anyway, back to www.xes.cx, my admin has just informed me that the problem has been fixed. I discovered that www.xes.cx was involved in a mass defacement by some hackers.

Yet another drama @ www.xes.cx!

Taxi Driver

Ever so often, people had been complaining about how rude the taxi driver can be some of the time. We even have Newspaper article and TV programme about them. But, what about their call centre operator. Will if you ask me…My answer is “LOUSY”
This was my personal experience with SuperCab. Not long ago, my mum asked me to call a cab for her because she wanna go down to KL at 5.00pm. I told her no promise but i will try to get one at peak hour. Hence, i called Supercab because the taxi main station was 10 mins from my house. The call centre operator said ok, a taxi was willing to take my mum and it would be at my house in 5 mins time. 20 mins later, my mum called me and asked me where was the taxi? My guess was that the taxi driver got lost in my area (My area is a new housing area). Therefore, i called the Call Centre to ask …
me: Hello, i called a taxi awhile ago. You said that he will be coming in 5 mins but he is not here yet.
Opeator: Ooooh, so did you wait for him?
me: Ya, of course.
Operator: Well, i think he is not coming already.
me: Then why you told me he was coming just now?
Operator: I thought he would have know that taxi normally don’t want to go to KL during peak hour. So i guess he changed his mind la.
me: Then, why he said that he was gonna come when you radio him?
Operator: Now, he is not coming already la.
me: So, what should i do?
Operator: You can try calling another one? Do you wanna call one now?
me: Yes, if you don’t mind.
Operator: Ok, if i told you that the taxi is coming in 5 mins. My answer now is please try again later.
me: WHAT!!!
So, if anyone of you think that taxi call centre out there should be more courteous and the bad one should DIE. Please boycott Supercab!!! AND I MEAN IT!!!