Unique advertisements in Malaysia – Part III

Unlike those unique advertisements in other countries such as Japan, Malaysia doesn’t have many unique advertisements which are blog worthy. However, the following advertisements are pretty unique.

Adhesive Tape advertisement – their tape is so good till it could stick their own advertisement.

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When Being Friendly

…..can be mistaken as being a real flirt.
I have a tendency to be nice to everyone at work, from my boss’s secretary (very important person to apple polish!) to my secretary, to the clerks, to the tea lady, to the office boys and to the bosses’ drivers. Long list that it does get a bit tiring after a while.
Once in a while, the office would go out for drinks. They want everyone to mingle as a family (but we know that’s not necessarily true!) after office hours but maintain the professional working relationship once the party is over. Bosses sometimes think that karaoke and boozing sessions help a lot. -_-
Not when your boss pretends to be drunk and pulls you into a hug.
Or when you receive late night text messages from the office boys declaring their love for you, saying that you were looking real hot that night.
Holy crap. How the heck do you face them the next day, assuming the party was not on a Friday night?
Once, one of the office boys sent me a text:
“God, I am so drunk right now. I need to f*ck someone right now.”
In my head, I was thinking, “Er, boss, will this constitute sexual harassment??”
I replied his text: “Go find your girlfriend to help you out! Good Night!”
He replied a minute later.
“My girlfriend got her period lah…”
I switched off my phone immediately.
Sometimes I think I should just be the Ice Maiden at work. Another office boy once invited me out to go shopping with him for pants.

Upcoming Events

UV Nation – 9 June 2007
EMI Entertainment sent me their promo pack for the above event. Check it out!

    Internationally acclaimed Benny Benassi who spun dance floors to the ground with sensational dance hit Satisfaction will be pumping up the crowd at Malaysia’s first fully-themed UV dance party. Playing alongside Benassi on One Utama’s rooftop carpark will be Germany’s undisputed tech-trance master, Scot Project and Malaysia’s own smoking hot DJ Desire.
    Hosted by the inimitable Joey G and Junio Hustle, UV Nation will be a four-room concept (Main Arena, Urban Arena, VIP Lounge, Chill-out Zone) dance extravaganza which defy barriers and lift dance parties to stratospheric heights: Main Arena featuring headliners Benassi and Scot complimented by Bass Agents, DJ Desire and Altered Image; inner street culture goes charmingly berserk, Harajuku-style with beat breaking tunes by a dream line-up of hip-hop and R&B artistes including The Stylustiks, DJ Goldfish, DJ Blink, Ben Cracko and Junio Hustle.
    Let these phenomenal masters of their craft take you on an unforgettable journey through sound and light accompanied by accompanied by state of the art 180° LCD displays and LED music synchronised panels. Be warned – paradigms will change and dance will never be the same again.
    Pre-sale ticket prices are priced at *RM 53.00 (inclusive of one drink and an exclusive UV NATION car sticker) available at any Axcess ticket outlets, hotlines or www.axcess.com.my from 4 May, 2007. Tickets purchased at the door are priced at *RM 63.00. For more information, log on to www.uvnation.com, or call 017-287 0385.
    Date : 9 June 2007
    Time : 6 pm – late
    Location : 5th Floor New Wing Roof Top Car Park,
    One Utama Shopping Centre,
    Bandar Utama City Centre
    Early bird special: Purchase 3 (three) tickets at only *RM135.00 from 4 May, 2007. Applies to the first 2000 tickets sold
    * Inclusive of Axcess ticket charges

Same day, Same year

I’ve been neglecting this place for a long long time…too long that xes gave up messaging to say ” bitch, faster blog la” and bimbobum will say “……….” nothing. She/He can’t because she/he is just a paperbag with a smiley face.
Anyway, today is my Birthday. While i browse through my friendster list, i found that there are 2 of my friends who are having birthday on the same day as me….WOW!!! so weird. They are having birthday on the same day as me but i don’t know…
Perhaps, one of my many birthday wishes (Is one allow to wish for many birthday wishes? God scold or not) for this year will be to meet someone who is having the birthday on the same day and same year as me.

Malay Mail Big Walk 2007

My firm gathered couple of their people to participate in this event. I was one of those who got involved. I joined the easiest event, a 3KM walk. This year, Malay Mail is raising funds to help purchase artificial limbs and walking aids for children who have lost the use of their legs as a result of bone cancer.
The race starts at Dataran Merdeka. I was given a free tshirt with the number, 9099. I was told that the race starts at 750AM. So I skipped all my Saturday night outings and stayed home so that I could sleep early. I even set my alarm at 530AM.
I was looking forward to it as it was my first time joining the Malay Mail Big Walk. Further, this could be a good blogging material.
Unfortunately, I missed the race, I overslept. O_O|||
Mission fail.

Malaysia Today – Raja Petra Kamarudin

Malaysia most famous blogger, Raja Petra Kamarudin (“RPK”) was invited as a guest speaker at my office few weeks back. RPK is Malaysia’s most well known socio-political blogger and was once arrested under the draconian Malaysian Internal Securities Act. His website, Malaysia Today reportedly has around 50 million hits till March 2007. It was privilege having him at our office. For once, the seats at our monthly talk were filled up.
RPK started off his speech by saying. “Winston Churchill once said that the best impromptu speech is a speech that took weeks to prepare”. Nevertheless, it was one interesting speech.
Blogging in Malaysia
He said that two of the most popular topics to be discussed in blog are sex and politics. It would be even more popular if you blog about politicians’ sexcapades.
He believes that blogging is one of the most powerful tools in politics. George Bush Jr had used the internet to campaign for his second term. Hilary Clinton has set up her blog to support her candidacy. And Malaysian Today, has one mission, not to support the opposition, but to topple those in power. His main focus is not on the people on the rural areas, but on those of the middle class. His target is the decision makers and not the ordinary rural voters who care for nobody but themselves, whether their roads are well maintained and whether they are paid. He believes that by influencing the decision makers, he will be able to change the people on top.
Malaysian Politics
Various topics were touched including our Prime Minister’s sleeping habits, Deputy Prime Minister losing grip on power, Anwar Ibrahim’s political life and his trial in Court and Khairy Jamaluddin being the most powerful person in Malaysia and the future Prime Minister of Malaysia.
When asked on who he thinks is the most suitable person to be the next Prime Minister, he answered, “Tengku Razaleigh”. According to him, Tengku Razaleigh was Malaysia’s former Finance Minister and is well versed with the government and also involved in the setting up of the Malaysia’s powerful economic machineries such as Petronas.
And I always thought it would be our Hishammudin.
His speech lasted around 1 hour plus. I had the opportunity to introduce myself to him before he was swarmed by the bosses.
Read all about it @ http://www.malaysia-today.net/

Professional Blogger I Am …….. Not

The above is fake, purely FICTION. ;D
Recent articles in the Star (5th and 6th May 2007) reported that the Min1stry of Inf0rmati0n want bloggers to be classified as professional and non-professional ones in order to monitor the contents of blogs in Malaysia.
It amused me tremendously, imagining the government department monitoring my blog posts on relationships and food complaints. And my posts with occasional eye candy pictures, such as the “revolutionary cleavage” or “my sports bra“! Sh*t.
If I choose to be classified as a non-professional bl0gger, which is what I am, then I don’t see the need to be subjected to strenuous rules. I don’t touch on “matters enshrined in the Federal C0nstitution” (quote on page 8, The Star, 6 May 2007).
Most blogs are used as a forum to convey their opinions, be it correct or wrong, and yes, some could be based on uncertified sources. It does not mean that we are not mature enough to know what is correct and what is wrong, what should be the way and what should not, as the freedom of information is what opens our mind to the world.
Read Wong Chun Wai’s view “Do Away with Archaic Laws” on this at page 6 of The Star, 6 May 2007, if you still have your newspaper!

Between 2 People

Sometimes girls or women tend to be extremely bitchy that you’d be surprised how some female listeners can be appalled by such a behaviour. Have you noticed how some girls can bitch about their boyfriends NON-STOP to their friends? They can go on and on, and sound like maniacs!
Complaints can be from light-hearted ones to super serious ones, for example:
“He’s so useless! Forever late whenever he’s supposed to pick me up! Pisses me off!”
“He’s so f*cking useless! Always sleeping, don’t want to bring me out! And my goodness, sex with him is so bad, I get so frustrated! Everytime I tell him to improve, he never listens, like what the hell! Can’t even be happy with his job, keeps thinking of quitting…… I’m so fed up of him!”
Imagine if she complains to you on a Thursday. And she continues on the next day via text messages or email. Or even blogs about it. And whenever your friends and she meet up for coffee over the weekend, she goes on and on as well.
Really, if you’re that unhappy in a relationship, does complaining about it your friends make it better? Surely if you have issues in the relationship, it’s best to talk to him, and not to your friends?
Someone mentioned that as a recipient to her complaints, you tend to lose respect for her boyfriend and when you meet up, you can’t even look him in the eye, knowing about the thinks he did and did not do! Pity the poor guy!
I don’t think it’s healthy to bitch about your relationship to your friends in extreme details. The occasional frustration is ok, though maybe each person has a different threshold. I don’t know. I know most of my friends don’t confide in me about their happy moments in their relationships, what more the unhappy ones!
I guess that IS the way.
It’s like getting married. They say it’s between 2 people and not 2 families, although I beg to differ. ;D
[We shall leave this topic for another day!]