Happy Birthday to Sui Lin & Gavin!

Coincidentally they share the same birthday.

Gavin: I want to call you and pretend to be your former stalker. Unfortunately, your lousy phone cant be reached. AND FUCK YOU!!! MARY HOW COULD YOU KISS THIS GUY!! GAHHHH!!!

Sui Lin: Sorry we cant afford you a new digital camera or a Tiffany jewellery. I guess you have to settle for our cheap earrings. Hehe
May all your wishes come true!!!

Janet Birthday 2005

On Sunday, Xes and me headed down to Victoria Station, PJ for a small Sheffield Uni class 0f 2001 reunion because
I have not seen all my uni mate for ages. Ever since all of us graduated from uni, there had not been any such gathering for awhile. The last one was during michelle’s birthday last year.
The dinner was scheduled for 7:30pm but as usual everyone was late except Michelle!!!!

“hmmmm…what to eat?”
Jon: eh, Frank faster take the pic lar. It’s hard pretending to be studious.”
Cindy(left) and Jon(right) studying the menu


Alex (far left) and Alan Teoh (far right): I am so stone
Allen Tan (middle): YEAH!!! Victoria Secret, i am loving it!

After the food, we took group photos but not everyone was in the photos. Most importantly, the birthday girl was in the photos!

The rose among the thorns
Sitting from left to right: Cynthia and Meng Choo
Standing from left to right: Frank_omatic, michelle, and Janet aka the birthday girl

standing from left to right: xes, Janet aka the birthday girl and frank_omatic
sitting from left to right: Alex, Allen Tan, and Alan Teoh

Ok, photo session over! Bring out the cake!!!

Light it up, baby!!!

We sang her the birthday song. Janet was so touched!

Janet: What should i do?

Janet: I am so happy! The cake is lovely.”

Nah, she didn’t put her head onto the cake. She was just taking out the candle with her mouth. It’s tradition. See, she still look so clean and pretty after the dinner

Janet with Xes and Frank_omatic
P.S. I did not step on your face, 4 years ago. LOL =P

Michie’s birthday

We (former Sheffield Uni classmates) celebrated Michie’s birthday with dinner at San Francisco Steak House, KLCC. This is the 5th consecutive year celebrating with her. However, this time without alcohol though. She has very low tolerance towards alcohol. Even Bailey’s Ice cream could get her drunk. Who can forget the “HOU YIT AHHH (It’s hot!)” incident (Sorry private joke!)
Gillian got her a great cake while Cynthia got an extra large card. I wanted to get her a cocktail (preferably Graveyard) but unfortunately, I had to rush for an appointment with my other friends. If only the cocktail plan had worked, Michie would have went.. HOU YIT AHHH (It’s hot!) and the proceed to…..ok i better stop now before she kills me!!

Well, the meet up didn’t happened. We were supposed to meet up at Alexis’s hence Sam and I headed down to the Alexis’s @ Bangsar.
I called ivN as soon as I reached there.
Me: hey where are you?
ivN: walk inside, we’re on the right!
Sam and I walked in. There was no ivN on the right, only the kitchen and the toilet. I called again…
Me: eh I don’t see you.
ivN: mmm, we’re on the right! Ok wait, Leonard will meet up with you @ the front door.
Sam and I waited… few minutes later Leonard called.
Leonard: eh where are you?
Me: In front of Alexis. Bangsar’s Alexis.
Leonard: ivan didn’t tell you Ampang’s Alexis?
Me: oh there’s one in Ampang? Ma chau hai….
Leonard: ma chau haii…..
We ended up watching football with Him and Umeng @ Hartamas Sq.

Birthday Celebration 2004

Man, I hate my friends, namely those who devised the evil scheme to knock me out last night. I got to start saving money now to finance my revenge on them next year!!

Last night, they got me drunk. I was a zombified puking machine and a walking garbage truck. I don t remember how much I drank, but I think the mixture of beers, half a cocktail and 2 flaming Lamborghinis killed me. Big Ben had his revenge. BAH!!!

I was almost unconscious by the end of the night. I remember someone tried to take off my shirt, if I were a little bit sober I would have punched him in the face. Hehe.

We (Melvin, Cris, Sow, Wei Chen, Sam, Lynnzter, iv’N, Hon Hing & Cristy) started off with dinner @ San Francisco Steakhouse. Food seems good but I didn t eat there as I ve already had dinner with my parents.

After that, we headed to this Chinese joint by the name Bow Wow caf鮠There we were joined by Gerald, Joyce and Big Ben. Drinks were at an exorbitant price. A can of shandy cost RM10.90! I should have stayed there longer as drinks were expensive and hence the evil people wouldn t be able to buy me too many drinks.

But noooooo, they wanted to go Cristo s. I should have headed straight home than followed them there. It started innocently with beer. Then some random dude came to my table and started drinking with me. After that, I was drowned with alcohol.

But oh well, thank you to those who were there at Cristo s last night. I bet you guys had fun making me drunk. Hehe

Big Ben’s bday

It was purely incidental. We were chilling out at Cristo’s after cancelling our Velvet Underground night out. Big Ben, who celebrates his 23rd birthday today, was there with his friend Nadia.

Without hesitation, we started bombarding him with drinks. His other friends came as well to bombard him. By the end of the night, he had 6 shots of tequila, 1 flaming Lamborghini, 3 graveyards, 1 around the world and loads of beer.

We had to sacrifice ourselves to make him drink ie he wont drink until we drink. Aaron had so much till he said, “I’m so drunk!! I need sex now!!”. What made it funnier was when he said it in front of his date.

Big Ben vomited.

He stoned for couple of minutes before puking on his own pants. Umeng, once again, the superstar of the night, cleaned Big Ben up and moved him around. What made it more heroic was Big Ben smelled like a walking garbage truck. Melvin, Umeng and the rest persuaded Big Ben to get into his car. However, he didn?t want to move. He said,

Don?t move me I?m going to vomit.
Rule no 1, don?t touch me.
Touch me again and I?ll shout
Touch me again and I?ll kill you.

2 hours later, we got him into his car and drove him home.

Oh wait that?s not the end of the story. After Ben went home, he showered, changed and drove to Bar Code.


Lynnzter’s birthday

Last week, we celebrated Lynnzter‘s 23rd birthday @ TSB, Beng-sar. Great fun. Loads of alcohol but no cake though 😀

More pictures @ http://ini2.net/~frymysquid/gallery/view_album.php?set_albumName=lynnzter_bday

Btw, The long awaited Reinforce 4 has been rescheduled to 10th July 2004.


Asian Pacific Auction Centre (APAC),Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, Subang

?RM50 + 1 drink (pre-sale) ?RM60 + 1 drink

Featuring the likes of Samuel L. Sessions and Csomic Spore. These 2 internationals will be supported by our local boys Popcon.

Presale tickets are available at: Speedy Video, Starbucks Coffee, Extreme Music, Excessive Records, Backspin Records and Groove Syndicate.

Happy Birthday To Me

Last thrusday (13th May), i had a belated-birthday dinner with my friends at TGIF. Frankly, i cannot remember much of that auspicious night so please bear with me.

The dinner was good because we had pretty girls at the party.

of cause, the food was good too.

Frederick bought me, a tiramisu birthday cake (correct me if i am wrong). Thanks, Fred. You are the best.

On top of that, Frederick and Hun Chong bought me two tall glasses of Graveyards. Thank you, guys.

Then i was asked to give a birthday speech standing on the chair.

After the speech, Mindy sang the TGIF birthday song. It was really good.

Thanks, Mindy.

Please excuse me for making this entry sound like a thank you list. Thanks to the Graveyards, i don’t remember much of what happened that night except of all the lovely people who attended the dinner and the smiles on their faces that night. Thank you so much, people.

Johnson’s surprise Bday

Happy birthday to my dear foosball, clubbing and yamcha buddy, Johnson!! YAY!

We had a surprise party cum pot luck (everybody chips in for the drinks and food by bringing their own) for him at his house. Johnson was in his room studying (he was having exams the next day) while we were waiting for other friends to come. The funny thing was that we were there for more than an hour and he didn’t know we were in his front yard.

We went up to his room to surprise him. He was caught off guard and was well surprised.

Soon, more and more people came. People bought chips, spaghetti, sausages, whipped cream with nutella covered strawberry, beer, soft drinks and a chocolate banana cheesecake for Johnson 😀

The chocolate cheesecake was actually meant for Johnson and his aunty (who shares the same birthday with him, or a day after that. I don’t remember). However, she didn’t want to join us. She was shy I guess but I heard Mary said, “She said there are too many kids downstairs”.

Alex Woo’s birthday

Alex Woo, my Sheffield Uni classmate and also CLP classmate, invited me to his birthday party at his place. Even though I arrived late, I was in time for the cake cutting session.

The party was good. We drowned him with alcohol, then threw him into the pool and then drowned him with alcohol again. We made him drink beer, wine, sake and Martel.

We adjourned to his apartment after security guards shooed us away for being too noisy. We made him drink again but he was pretty reluctant to drink though.

Alex: I can?t drink anymore, I?m drunk
Us: pussy!

Us: you call that a sip? Tiu lei!! Drink more!!
Alex: I?m drunk (lies on the floor like a flipped turtle)

Us: my mother can drink better than you la
Alex: ? (lies on the floor like a flipped turtle again)

We had this card game. Anyone who gets the smallest card (2 of Diamond) has to drink. Poor Alex had 2 of Diamond for 3 consecutive rounds. No doubt he was fucked. We left the place after he puked his guts out in the toilet.

The morals of the story are:
a) Never buy excessive alcohol for your own birthday party unless you want to die of alcohol poisoning
b) Never held a birthday party next to a swimming pool unless you want people to throw you into the pool.